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The eagle pony will throw a coin on Friday to determine the signative
This Friday, Pony, Eagle, and Viking officials will participate in the throw coin activity that determines the draft. The winner can get the first round of No. 14, and the loser can only accept 15 signs.

Manuel is afraid of new post from digitalmaine.net coach
Although the Buffalo Bell’s new head coach Rex Ryan has said that he is very expected to cooperate with the quartz EJ-MANUEL, but he accepts Fox Sports last Sunday. Reporter Ross Jones clearly said that the position of the team’s main four-defense will not be delivered to the players of the 16th in 2013.

If you are a NFL senior fans, here will re-comploate the wonderful moments of the year; if you are a new fans who have just contacted NFLs, here will help you before the 53rd super bowl, before Those historical classics you missed!

“Then we will find the old quarter from the free player market or choose a young quarter in the election conference?” Faced with such questions, Ryan gave a sure answer: “Of course, we Will do their best to bring competitiveness to the team, let the team become stronger. ”

The Sea Eagle encountered a person in the attack on the playoffs at the beginning of the playoffs. Because Tayler Lockett is reimbursed due to injuries, the Hawks can only make changes in the game competition, let the Richard Sherman served as an argument. He completed 1 attack and advanced 6 yards.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Seattle Hawk signed this old back attack before the playoffs of the Detroit Lion, according to the inspectors. Hester then confirmed this news on the Personal Instagram account.

The last exciting throwing currency happened in a few weeks ago, before the superb bowl, the falcon and cheap nfl jerseys from china patriots threw coins in the middle. At that time, the Falcon’s defense is not as good as before, if Braddy and Patriots get the first attack, the result will be & hellip; & hellip; everyone knows.

According to the Eagle official website, throwing the coins will be carried out on Friday 12:30 Indiana Convention and Exhibition Center and the rookie training camp. Howie Roseman explained that the two sides of the coins were printed with the team compliments of Viking and Pony (the ethnic in Sam Bradford “obtained from Viking people. First roundabout).

Planning to enhance training lineup is expected to begin on August 26, US Time, and the team’s lineup will be required to reduce 75 people from 90. Before August 30, based on the reduction of 75 people, each team will be required to control the number of people at 53 people. After that, every team can sign a team of players from August 31.

Review the previous super bowls, Holmes kills the ball reaches the ball, and the Badler is a bold decision of Wilson pass before the Badler, the eagle uses the bold decision of “Philadelphia special”. . . The unclear classic campaign, the wonderful attack and defense staged in the super bowl; Michael Jackson redefined the performance of the midfield, the sexy hot dance of Beyon, the domineering of the fruit sister “riding the lion”. . . A midrange show in again, give us a view of audiovisual enjoyment.

Before the team was re-assembled, it was more rare before the first round of four-defense, but the Bill’s last coach was also helpless, and he couldn’t bear it, recalling the old Kyle Orton ( Kyle Orton is until the end of this season.

NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the cowboy has agreed to the basic terms of the contract according to the influence of the defensive cut off. The two sides are improving detail, but have already been determined that the cowboy will be added.

NFL allows training lineup to increase to 10 people
There will be many working opportunities to appear in NFL. According to ESPN, this season, each team’s training lineup will be allowed to expand to 10 players, which is once again improved since 2013 is raised to 8 players.

The wave became the second place in the second place in the next year. The first Carolina black panther player. Previously, the denim signed a defensive cutaway McCoy, which was the top season for the panther, Gerald McCoy. After the two defensive cut off, the cowboy has greatly enhanced the depth of the defensive front line.