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Todd Galley does not lose the top position in the top of the mean
Todd Gurley is currently the leader of the Wholesale Nfl jerseys Federation’s scorpion code, but it may be lost in the top position because of this week’s team.

“Seasonal Team Tour” Kansas City Chief
The emirate ends the regular season with the same record of 12 wins and 4 last year, and the finals of the season, a wave of six consecutive victories, with the United States III seed, and also won the home advantage and the first round for them. Telback chance. Last year, the chief fell at the feet of the patriot last year, and this year happened that the patriot was sent out in the last week of the regular season.

Fans often like to see the wonderful performances staged by the explosive players like Mahms or Tatai Hill, but they have to say that he is still the most stable offensive point of the team, even in the injured in Mahms. Zhou is, he can also work with the substitute quadrant, because Kelps has made excellent performance in a usual performance.

McCay has been in recent seasons that are not efficient, especially in this big contract. Bill also signed the old frank Gore in the offset period and selected Devin SingleTary in the third round of the draft. Singgitry is bright in the training camp and the preseason, which should be able to benefit from McCay’s departure.

Tom Braddy Humor congratulations Yilai Manning retirement
In the two-point 卫 卫 莱 宁 (Eli Manning) The greatest moments of career, his opponents happened to Tom Brady. New York Giants defeated the New England patriot to win in the super bowl.

The standard anti-transmission is like this, four players are responsible for impacting quadruptions (3-4 is three front lines and one line guard, 4-3 is 4 square front lines), the remaining players The post-anti-pass (whether it is orthodontic or region). The raid four-point guard will put the fifth place (a line guard), which is often able to force the Quad to quickly shoot.

The coach of Los Angeles ram, Sean Mcvay, has promised that due to the team’s third or fourth seed position of the national association, it also ensures the host opportunity, so including Galley. The main players may have been arranged in the last week.

Regional raids have both the characteristics of these two types. Five flocks can make quarter to respond, rush. Because it is a regional defense, anyone may have the possibility of anti-transmission, so it also leads to anyone possible to raise four-point guard. The strange phenomenon caused by the regional raid tactics that often saw is the defensive cut-off anti-transmission (the package after 2009), and the corner guards raided four-point guard (the squash after the 13 season).

The sum of the collections of the chief collections of this season are 451 points, 114 points less than last season, and we are hard to see them like to play the clouds like the clouds in the season, but now the chief playing It seems more mature. There is no big problem with the tribute of the offensive master and the four-dimensional Swan Holmes, and the chief of the self-contained system, but the chief of the early season is in someone else. For people, this season is replaced by the new defensive coordinator Steve Spielo, and the defensive refund of the next chief, from the regular season 10 weeks 32-35, the defensive defenders since Tennezi, Performance has full progress. The team’s safety Wei Tylilan-Martue also won the best defensive players in December, and also selected the best lineup of the season’s alliance; defensive second-line Chris Jones this season’s influence of injury. A total of 47 pieces of pressure and 30 scratches.

In the 15th week of the 15th week, the close-end Feng Kelxi took the 143 yards, helping the team to win the victory, and let himself become the first one of the NFL history. The number of ball codes reached 1000 yards, and he became the fastest completion of 450 games in the history of 450 yards. This season, Kelxi, all 16 games in the regular season, successfully brought 97 times to advance 1229 yards to get 5 times and selected professional bowls,

“I think I have encountered Tom many times, I can see how good, we have opened some jokes, but I think it is really not fun to him,” asked Braddy at the press conference. Congratulations when Manning said.

“Can have a player like Andy Dalton to join the team & mdash; & mdash; also with Philadelphia Eagle in Carson Wentz, there is Nick Foles, Nick Foles, Noth & Mdash If you need it, he can take over the leadership and win the game, win an important game for the team, “Jones said. “Of course, you know that you have a player like Andy Dalton, you sleep more stable.”

But if you remember that the Bill Management has repeatedly expressed its support for McCay this year, this layoff is surprised by the outside world. Brandon McDermott and General Manager Brandon Beane have repeatedly expressed that McCaki will serve as the first running guard in the new season.