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NFL2015 season draft selection
The 2015 Eleventh Festival will be held in Chicago from April 30th to May 2, and this selection is held in the University of the University of Chicago Rose. Theater. A total of 7 rounds, plus 32 election compensation, a total of 256 drafts.

Pierll Paul’s amputation surgery was accepted on Wednesday. This decision was considered to speed up his recovery process. He also encountered a thumb fracture in a fireworks accident. The giant was later sent a trainer to visit him, but was rejected.

Carol also said: “I will do some assessment next week, but I have no expectation for the results. We will wait. We have no timetable, he does not have to achieve any time schedule. We just try to make He returned, he was getting confidence, and it would not be serious about it. So we care about it. “

Cowboy Safety Wei Jeff – Heish is a player record
Before the high school playing, the Jeff Heath was completed twice in this week. This is a successful shot attempt to complete the 39-shot shot from John Anderson, 1979.

Steelman quadrupled Slosrisberg: determination to return next year
Devlin Hodges will serve as the first quarter-off guard in the regular season of Pittsburgh Steelman, and the steel man hopes that he can make the team have the opportunity to enter the playoffs.

However, whether the steel man enters the playoffs, since the second week of the elbow injured, the Ben Roethlisberger, who has been put into the injury reserve, has been convinced that he will continue to start with the steel person next year.

“We didn’t feel problems at all on the training on the court,” Carol said to ESPN. “His workload will continue to increase in the next few weeks. Really, our goal is: What is his state in the start of the season? How long will we take long time after assessing the recovery process, or how long he has to prepare We still don’t know this. But he feels good. “

The patriot has chosen in the interior in the three training this week, this is because this year’s super bowl will be held in the warm and dry Arizona Phoenix University Stadium, in order to allow players to adapt to the competition environment as soon as possible, cold cold They can only walk into the chamber in Massachusetts and open air conditioners to achieve the temperature.

External Threaded WES WELKER has completed an additional shot for the patriot in 2010, but the additional shot door distance is shorter. Defensive Daddham Kong – Su (NDAMUKONG SUH) has tried to add a shot for the lion in 2010, but failed to complete.

“Obviously (Pierll Paul) is an important player,” Manning said on Friday. “He is an important force for the defensive end, so I hope that everything can be better and he can keep health, I hope he can continue to show a high level when playing.”

In the history of Wholesale Nfl Jerseys, the most accurate player Dan Bailey is injured after the hurt, His is hidden, and the shooting door 3 is attached. He completed a 49-yard shot at a high school and won the team a playoff game.

Rosrisberg may be an ESPN’s previous report in the essay. It is reported that he is “doubtful” for the return of the race. His public statement has always said that he is interested in return to the team next year.

The deadline for the privileged label player signed the long-term contract is July 15th, Pierre Paul and the giant will not renew the contract before this day. Until he recovered healthy, he would not signed a privileged label contract worth $ 14.8 million.

In the partition semi-finals with Baltimore, the right knee injured Xiu Zhongbrane Stoke, Bryan Stork, continued to participate in the training, from his positive performance in training, there is no problem in the superb bowl competition .

Manning believes this accident is “unlucky.” He said: “I don’t know the whole process of this accident, but you never want to see professional athletes injured, especially in the way that it is avoidable.”

Pete Carroll made a vague answer for the question of Glaham preparation, his answer appeared to avoid the center problem: the hurt of the tumorpiece is difficult to quickly recover and the recovery process Revenue a lot of work.

Although it is difficult to let Glaham appear quickly soon, other teams have to figure out how the Hawks will arrange him. If Glaham can recover completely, it is obvious that the Hawk occupies an advantage.

Patriot in training simulation super bowls of competition
There is also a week from the super bowl, the preparation of the New England Patriots team is also in full swing. It is gaven to them that there is no player absent from the training, and their training places are still Danner – Falboard Outsoor Stadium.