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After opening, the patriot will attack. The patriot three attacks have not been promoted, but it is to abandon the kick to cause the wild horse to return to McKentz to drop the ball, and misunderstand and missed to the wild horse red area. Running Wei Bake Hide quickly turned over to catch the ball, and the patriot 7-0 quickly got a lead.

“The foul can change the game. At that case, the copy is likely to change the game,” said the chief defensive cut Chris Jones said. For the blow penalty of the referee, Jones said: “You usually let the player play.”

Although many teams are intended to Watt, he may have to wait until the new season wage hat is officially confirmed to have further consideration. In that, all teams know how many salary spaces they have this year. Our only knows that the new season salary cap will not be less than $ 180 million.

But the Maka Technical Group problem is larger. The offensive group has been able to choose to abandon the kick, and the result is directly taken by Berk Haide to the ground. However, the performance of the defensive group is still strong, and he is unable to win a new attack in the Red Area. Although the Gustoski once again expanded the score gap to 14 points, the wild horses are not a chance.

Green: I will play at the last week
This week, Sincona will compete with Pittsburgh steel people to compete for partition championships, and take over A.j.- Green (A.j. Green) Naturally does not want to absence such an important game. In Monday night, the tiger defeated Denver wild horses in 37-28, but because of T.J.-Wald (T. J. Ward), Green Right arm was injured and left in advance.

In the first month of the season, Braddy will not stay with the team, but he is not very worried that he will spend this time, he will focus on helping teammates preparing for himself for the four-guards. .

The core of this trick idiom is “laugh”, running back to hide their desire to attack, let linebacker who feel that they are harmless to humans and animals, there is no offensive threat, as long as you can do a good job blocking. When the opponent is negligent, then break through the defense with a powerful explosive force, and it can’t prevent it.

Which of the defensive side has a vulnerability? The general defensive component is divided into front line (front) and secondary (Secondary). The second line includes safety and corner guard, mainly responsible to intercept the ball attack; the front line is divided into defensive front lines and line guards, the defensive front line is mainly responsible for impacting the quarter-saving and intercepting ground attack, line guards are the core position, anti-transmission, anti-transmission Run, impact four-point guard will participate in the implementation. When it is judged to attack the ground, all defensive groups will run to the holding of the ball to attack the players, form a hero, so that the opponent is nowhere to hide. When it is judged to be passed, it is safe after retreat, and the guardian guards are connected to the defense. The defensive front line shocks quarter-off, Nfl Jerseys and the wire guard is based on the counter-oriented and defensive judgment is a person, defending region or raid. In the defensive formation, the most complex work is the line guard, and the implementation of other locations is very clear, and the tactics will be judged by the tactics.

In the outside world, Watt is considered to join the Pittsburgh steelman and his brother, or may return home for the green bay package. It has been reported that Cleveland Brown and Buffalobier are interested to him. Tennessee Titan publicly claimed that it has been contacted Watt’s broker. Arizona Red Square Entry Deandre Hopkins, hopes that the former teammates can join themselves on social media.

[Review of the event] Patriot 41-16 big wins wild horses defeated the west
Beijing time November 13, 9:25, Denver Yam hosted a new England Patriot. The wild horses are all wonderful after returning to the wild horses, and when the year is the famous patriot, the Osweiler does it work in the past year?

There are many key fouls in the competition, affecting the process of racing: the second day of the pull-talents have caused the chief to resemble the kick and only discard 29 yards; in the subsequent attack, the chief defensive group Call that the Tyrann Mathieu is invalid. After 3 attack and defense, the Chief Telegraph group in the pirates in the pirates, leading to the pirates to continue to attack and finally achieved reaching; in the last half of the first half, the chief was blown up by penalty of penalty, let the pirate Eventually have the opportunity to get up again; this time, Matthew is a penalty of non-sports moral behavior due to the dispute between Tom Brady.

“You can’t have this performance,” said the arids of the Andy Reid. “You can’t have a foul, there is no so much. I think we have a total of about 10 times. Whether it is in the defensive group or an offensive group, you will make your own situation becomes more and more unfavorable. This is an abnormal performance, today happened today This kind of thing is really bad. “