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Viking people plan to sign a contract before the attack
The Attack Coordinator of Minnesota Weijing Pat Shurmur is tapped to the New York Giants, but the location of the Viking people’s offensive coordinator will come immediately.

9 months agoLast season, the Red Tit won Jones from the Patriot from the Patriot, and Jones showed a good performance in the season, all 16 games, harvest 11 times, if he continued to maintain this output, the red tick is absolutely not lost .

The red rumming is the fourth team of Li. He opened his career in 49 people, and he went to the Black Panther after a year after Cleveland. When he was 49 people, he was a Tong PHIL DAWSON, which would be the longevity of the two.

Osville expressed his eyes in the game of the Indianapolis horses last season, but then in the next week, 11-27 lost in Washington red leather competition again. This is his last time for the wild horse.

Green is a toe injury in the second week, and from the fifth week, it has been absent from the artificial grass-type toe injury. He is all “limited” to participate in training this Wednesday, but he is still preparing for the first.

With the return of Green, the Mohamed Sanu (Mohamed Sanu) is in this time, and the four-point guardian Dalton will have the opportunity to return to the competition of the forefront of the foreigners. among.

Osville has been in many teams in recent years. He has become a free agent introduced by the Houston Texas in the name of the Houston Texas. However, he traded to Cleveland Brown quickly by Texas people. Did it ran into a wild horse replenishment quarter. All of this is a thing that happened in a three session.

Tiger is sure that the star outside Greek Week, the US Tiger
Cincinnati Mason’s coach Mavin Lewis Friday confidence is full of expression of the team’s number one star, AJ Green has been trained for three days this week, and can play Sunday, Jackson Virgian Tiger team’s game.

The coach Rewick said: “If there is no deterioration, he may go to the field.” The Tiger team scored 1 win in the three games without Green, including the same part of the mockup of the same district. Competition (they already killed their opponents this season).

Osville visited the dolphins on Thursday, and now he will serve as the replacement of Ryan Tannehill. Tannesie was reimbursed in the top ten tape ligament in the knee. Most dolphins fans want to forget Jay Cutler’s day and want Tannezil to return to the first. Now they have to pray that Tannesell can help the team.

Eagles insisted pick Herz did not change their starting quarterback Carson – view Wentz (Carson Wentz) of. But apparently they changed over the years the perception of the quarterback position. Rothman not want to miss your favorite player.

Hawks general manager of Hoy – Rothman (Howie Roseman) said he did not want to risk losing a fancy player. In 2012, he hoped that in the third round pick Russell – Wilson, then picked in the fourth round quarterback Nick – Falls (Nick Foles). But the Seattle Seahawks in the first 75 overall pick Wilson, the Hawks had to pick only the 88th pick in the Falls.

Hawks in the 2012 draft, has two second-round pick, they selected linebacker Michael in 46th overall – Kendricks (Mychal Kendricks), and then in the 59th overall pick Vanni – Curry (Vinny Curry). Although they play is also very good, it is difficult to say to their value better than Wilson.

“In 2012, we had planned,” Rothman said. “We had planned to pick a very successful quarterback later, I do not want contact with suspected illegal, but I think we know browse this site man, and then pick in the fourth round for us to win the world championship quarterback, consecutive rounds pick quarterback. I think we’re smarter this point. I think if you really like a player, picked 53rd overall and there is not much difference in the third round of selection. ”

Hawks general manager: second-round pick that year missed due to Hertz quarterback quarterback Wilson
Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback does not necessarily think Jay – Hertz (Jalen Hurts) in the future can grow to Russell – Wilson (Russell Wilson) level.