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When the children saw Rogers’s arrival, they cheered: “My God!” And Rogers’s team recorded these images. These images will be placed on Rogers’s website. As a series of “this is Arom”, this series is to pay attention to those who have actively actively act for their own society, and Rogers hopes to make people with their own pro Many people understand these people.

The pony selection Taylor made a partner in Maclon Mack in the second round. The pony offensive group was significantly affected in the two key competitions in Mike last season. Hiriani said last week that the team can have two “excellent running guards” that “can complete a number of tasks”.

“I don’t worry if I can renew them. I said this representative falcon and false fans. Thomas (Dimitlov) is working hard to make up. The coach will continue to continue. I will get them. The new contract, the problem is just when it is. “

Recently, Rogers visited some civilian middle schools, hoping to encourage these poverty children through their own visit to help them complete the university’s dream. In fact, these visit behaviors were just the idea of the principals of these schools, and they didn’t expect Rogers that Rogers came.

The packaging workers and pony are the fifth time in the celebrities. In the next season, the package workers and ptsurches will also meet again. NFL will announce a complete regular season in spring this spring.

The 2016 Famous Hall of 2016 also includes team boss Little Eddi Debato (Eddie Debartolo Jr.), offensive front line player Orlando Paceo Pace and Dick Stanfel, Siwei Ken – Ken Stabler and Line / Defense Term Edge Ket Greene.

Garet and Falcon can sign a long agreement before July 15, otherwise Galt can only play a privileged label contract worth $ 1.52 million in the 2019 season. As for Bisley, he will enter the last year of the contract, the basic salary reaches $ 12.8 million.

Taylor exceeds 6100 yards in the 3 seasons of the University of Wisconsin, a total of 50 mulled balls. In these three seasons, his scorpion will be nearly 1000 times, so many people in the outside world doubt whether he will decrease his career in a large number of appearances during the university.

Los Angeles ram re-signed a 1-year contract, and Morgan Fox, while cutting off defensive tanzel smart. Fox was previously effective for the ram, and he won 2 kills last season, and a total of 4.5 killing in 4 years. Samart selected the sixth round in 2017. His last season he played 13 games for the ram.

This is a decision for the famous Hall of House. The effectiveness of the team for many years Packers legend Brett – Favre (Brett Favre) to enter the Hall of Fame will attract a large number of fans to the Packers Hall of Fame is located in Canton, Ohio on. The pony has the former coach Tony Dunji (Tony Dungy) and the outer hand Marvin Harvin Harrison.

“We have a salary cap, so we have restrictions, we must not only consider the future, we have to make a balance in this,” Brank said. “But this is a young player that we are very careful in private and professional. They will take the whole career for falcon.”

At the same time, Falcon and Jones’s brokers have been negotiated with new contracts since the start of the offset period. Thomas Dimitroff, general manager of the team, has expressed its very good communication in March. Jones currently contracts for 2 years.

After the end of the game, Cheap Jerseys From China Bakley said that this injury would not let him absent the whole season. “I will say that I really hurt? Will n’t,” Baxley said. “Maybe it be worse? Yes. I have no reimbursement season. I will work hard to make me a return of me to return as soon as possible. Not only for myself, I’m also for the team.”