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23 Δεκεμβρίου 2021

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Fear? Not If You Use Cheap Jerseys From China The Right Way!

The performance of Hyde Ben Sendai can be described as a big trip, high open. In the first week of competition, he completed 168 yards ground, harvesting two reachable, with a number of 6.5 yards. But in a few weeks, he has been injured and is struggling very struggled. From the 2nd to 7th week, his buset code is only 3.4 yards. In the last week, Hyde holds the ball 11 times, just advance 40 yards. In the face of the powerful defense of Seattle Hawks, 49 people abandoned 9 times, only 8 first attack.

“He always has a choice,” Curre said when Mahomus said. “He has a way to complete the attack, whether it is with his legs or an arm, and the side of the shot is still no matter what method. He is some offensive weapons. He knows how to use them. This person is very special. Since he is obviously a rare genius. So I love to see him playing. “

JJ Watt does not care whether to participate in the tough trainer
Just at Yesterday, the Houston Texas became the captured team of the HBO series documentary “tough”. This shooting will be a good opportunity to give the team to show the opportunity, but it seems that their super superstar is not very recognized.

Jodi – Nelson medical clearance, is about to return to the training ground
Number one weapon catch the Green Bay Packers finally came back, according to insiders said outside the Packers took Jodi – Nelson (Jordy Nelson) on Wednesday passed a medical official was removed from the team “can not play due to health reasons “list, before Nelson was placed on the injured list the reasons is that he slightly sprained his knee the other side in the summer training, and not because of his previous right knee injury has repeatedly large.

49 people running 海德 将 比 比
This week, San Francisco 49 people will have the opponent St. Louis ram, but they will not get the help of Carlos Hyde. The team announced this week that Hyde will not appear in this weekend during the foot injury.

In J. J. Watt is expected to return to the next season, Texas may have the most dominant defensive front line of the alliance. The combination of Crawni, Watt and Whitney Mercilus will make the opponent’s quadrant and offensive coordinator.

With the absence of Hyde, Reggie Bush is expected to be a team’s first running guard. He will share the appearance time with this year’s new Xiu Mike – Mike Davis. In addition, English Rugby Stars Jarryd Hayne will also receive the appropriate opportunities. Since the 49 people’s own offensive front lines are struggling, we have reason to think that any running guards are difficult to perform in the game.

“I saw a lot of myself in him, obviously there are many comparable,” Curre said. “He is too creative, you can’t blink, you will miss the special performance. I love his confidence, he knows that he can do some special things at all times.”

Nelson’s return to the Packers is undoubtedly a big plus, the team ace quarterback Aaron – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) last season, had said in an interview made it clear that Nelson’s absence is the main cause of weak offensive team, his absence led to the number of tactical offensive group can use significantly reduced, but also led the team to take over other things need to be forced to move to the position he was not good. If Nelson can restore the state before the injury, then Randall – Cobb (Randall Cobb) will be able to feel at ease with yourself back outside to take over the number two position in the slot he can play the best state, while the German Avanti – Adams (Davante Adams) and Thai – Montgomery (Ty Montgomery) will compete outside III took over the position.

Ericson completed 18 batches in the two seasons of Tiger, and pushed 251 yards. Data is not eye-catching, but just as foresequatic said, the main reason for the Tigers of Ericson is his strong attack. Last season, Ericson abandoned to attack 39 times, the 2016 season kick offset a total of 810 yards, and the two data were the first place in the season. Last year, his total number of episodes (71) The second, the number of attack codes (941) was federated.

Until the start of last season, Nelson was also generally been underestimated, think he is benefiting from Rogers superior passing ability of the product, and then a huge impact his absence to bring the Packers only make people realize Nielsen’s powerful, and he degree of importance to this team.

On Friday, Tiger officially announced that the extraordinary experience with extraordale is extraordinary, Alex Ericsson, renewed for two years. According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Ericson’s contract is $ 4.68 million, including incentive clauses.

The prodrugate player started 14 regular matters in the season, and the 2 games were obtained for 6 killing 55 times to destroy the pass and 1 copy. In the first playoffs in Texas, Zhong Claien destroyed the opposition plan of the opponent Auckland raid.

There is no doubt that he is the best player in the NFL Union. Of course, this is not said that when the lens is aligned with him, Watt will be unhappy or shy. Because this shooting is for a better way of moving him, how he can concentrate on work, or Canadayp.Biz several focuses.