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This week, Mingnesota will usher in the court. On November 16, they will face the co-district opponent Chicago Bear, Peterson hopes that he will have the opportunity to appear. Lawyers revealed that Peterson is trying to reappear, he has reached a confession agreement with the Tribuna, and will not suffer from prison. Lawyers said that Peterson has shown a positive and sincere attitude, and now the alliance should try to help him.

Barry became the main candidate in this position last week, but after the 49-person defensive coordinator of San Francisco, Vic Fangio is willing to participate in the position competition, everything seems to be confusing. . But although Van Gio participated in the red skin team, he finally chose to join the Chicago bear team, Barry also became the defensive coordinator of the Red Leather.

Patriot cuts the veteran Subject to the quarter Weiner-HoyerBeijing September 1st According to NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport, the Patriot cut off the old four-point Weiner, decided to have a rookie quartz Specially Stereham (Jarrett Stidham) was used as a quarter-saving.

Hoyer was 33 years old. It has been a substitute for Tom Brady in the past two seasons, but the game is very limited, only 8 passes attempts. Taking into account his previous four-defense experienced before, Hoyer is likely to be signed by a team that urgently need to experience extensive experience.

How can I calculate the completion of the completion?TouchDown Deta, this is a very simple concept, even if American football white knows what is going to have more things! & mdash; there is a team to score! Everyone knows that there are two kinds of ways in the way, & mdash; holding ball to reach the array area, or passing the ball into the array. But sometimes it is not so simple, especially the new classmates who have just begun to contact NFL, have questions about the decline in some cases, here is the shallow depth of understanding, how can they be considered.

Barrett and Lavonte David will become free players. External hand Cresndwin is expected to have a new contract with a large salary increase, and if both parties cannot agree, the pirate may use a privileged player label. For example, the NDAMUKONG SUH, External Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) and the Leonard Fournette will also enter the free player market. .

US Time Monday, John Elway, John Elway, announced that the Technical Group coach will become a temporary coach on Thursday, and Elwen told reporters: “We are worried about the physical condition of Kuboy this week, then I found that members of any coach can be used as a temporary head coach. I am proud of our coaching team. “

Peterson hopes that the alliance allows him to return to the venueAdrian Peterson hopes to return to the field as soon as possible, he wants the alliance to be widely treated, and open a “green light” for him. Piteson’s lawyer said on Wednesday, he hoped that the NFL Alliance could make a decision as soon as possible, let his parties can re-entries for professional players. At present, Peterson is included in the exemption list by the team. To appear, he first needs to take his name from the list.

Summary, the ball running to reach the array, first cannot be in the people’s outliers and dead balls, followed by the reachable zone to keep the ball is controlled. Even if I have hit it back or hit it, as long as there is such a moment, I will enter the reachable area, then I’m going to reach.

The body part is in the body, and then reaches the ball to the ball to reaches the array. First, it is determined to be a dead ball, and then restart a new round of attack according to the position of the ball in the touch.

At the front of the player, the player lost the control of the ball, even if the ball has reached the zone, it can’t be considered. Worse, once the other party grabs the ball, you can get a counterattack.

Hoyer was sicking and not surprised, because the patriot has decided to stay only 2 quarters in the list of 53 people. This year’s four weeks showed stunning in the training camp and the preseason. In the four seasons, he was 906 in 61, got 731 yards and 4 times of passing to reach, only once was copied.

Mustang main coach may be absent from the absence of ThursdayDenver Musabard’s head coach Gary Kubiak was diagnosed by doctors. This week, the doctor was diagnosed with serious migraine caused by the weakness of the body. This will lead to his absence of the US time this Thursday, the team’s game against San Diego lightning.

One wave of three fold, Joe-Barry finally join the red skinAfter experiencing a variety, Washington Red Leader finally determined the team’s defensive coordinator next season, according to NFL famous media people Ian Rapoport, local time, IAN RAPOPORT, the original San Diego lightning queue line Joe Barry will take this position.

This is a ball of Randy Moss. Only the feet are in the Arhead, how is the referee judges whether it is a ball? According to NFL rules, the bimonics can be outside the DV area, and the ball can also be outside the array area. Before the outbord, the feet have encountered the reachable area, even if the ball is reached. If there is only one foot in the world, the other is on the world, it is not to be more than.

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