Why Has Google Started Indexing Websites Mobile-first?

The rapid growth in the development of smartphones has made Google prioritise the mobile-friendly sites when searched on mobile phones.This move made by Google focusing on mobile surfing which is happening on a very large scale today. The websites designed particularly for desktops cannot be viewed properly when accessed through a smartphone. Hence, Google has taken the initiative to make the necessary adjustments on indexing and ranking the systems in order to optimise this function.

Google's Final Announcement

Google began looking into this issue in 2016.It was in early 2018 that it made the final announcement about its move and started with the initiation of the new system.

The was done by Google on a serious note enabling the users to search the website using a mobile phone.

However, this move taken by Google does not hinder the accessibility of the sites via PC. Indexing is focused on both mobile and desktop as well but the mobile sites will be considered as the primary site. The site which contains the most relevant information will be displayed first.

Improvement is the Key

Keep in mind that merely having a will not make you popular. You have to use sufficient plug-ins, high-quality images which load quickly and also find enough alternatives for the pop-up pages and don't forget to test them on your mobile device.Please remember that in order to make the optimum utilisation of space in the mobile phone, it is necessary to place the navigation options on the right place so that the users can access the site with ease.

Best Practises to keep your site both Mobile and Desktop Friendly

  • Your mobile site should contain the same content as your desktop site
  • The data should be structured properly on both versions for your site
  • Metadata should be present in both the versions
  • Verify both versions of your site thoroughly
  • Check hreflang links on separate URLs
  • Ensure that your servers have enough capacity to a handle potential increase in crawl rate on the mobile version of your site
  • Verify that your robots.txt directives work as you intended for both versions of your site

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