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Carol told ESPN reporters: “Yes, that is a pass to disturb the foul. I think they should look more detailed. If I have a pause, I will call the & hellip; & hellip; I want to give them enough time, so they will Not anxious, it is best to make your brain more clear, so they can see it. Unfortunately, it is the crucial moment of the game. “

Message: cheap nfl jerseys from china Wild Horse Attempts to Trading Aquiber – Taribi

Denver wild horse is transmitted to the transaction of his old will be aunt-Tarib (AQIB Talib), once the price is appropriate to reach a transaction.

As the only four-point guard in the array, Sanchez gains the first opportunity and is not surprising. However, he did not achieve significant advantages in the training period training. Sanchez has strive to prevent Ximeian and Linqi to take the initiative at the beginning of the regular season.

Mark Sanchez will start the first playoffs in the wilderness

Despite the lack of Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian at the same time, only one person can be in the first battle of the Chicago Bear. Start.

The president of Penguin said: “Everything in Rooney is so good, this is also the reason for the outstanding steel man, he is loyal, humor, and strives to never forget where he is from. Everyone is worth learning, studying him is How to live on how to operate themselves, his team is one of the most successful teams in sports history. “

“It is incredible to return to the field to play with everyone,” said after the Watt. “This is why you take a wound. This is why you adventure, this is why you work hard, this is why you make a rehabilitation. You do all this is for these moments, you can play with you, you can become a team Work hard to help the team win, can work hard to create different. There are many people questioning or telling that I am too crazy or tell me something I am doing. But no one knows what I feel, no one knows what is it? Can become a feeling of a copy of the group in our dressing room. So honestly, I don’t care what other people say. I brought the battle for these moments, this is great. “

Pittsburgh Penguin expresses the boss of steel people

US Time Thursday, 84-year-old Pittsburgh Steelman Dan-Rooney Dan Rooney, except for the nearest NHL Penguin, which is the recent NHL of the steel, has also joined the ranks of this great person.

In addition to age problems, Tariba’s salary is close to 10 million US dollars to impact the team’s wage hats, and the team currently has at least 4 people in the position of the corner, and the Taribu field has recently highly high.

Watt in October thoracic tear and was placed in the injury reserve list. He is activated cheap nfl jerseys from china the injury list several days before the game. He is just 16 gear in the first half of the 36-pin defense. But the second half of Dezhou people no longer restrict his appearance time, and he played 34 files in 44 defensive. His appearance has been different.

The red rumming is the fourth team of Li. He opened his career in 49 people, and he went to the Black Panther after a year after Cleveland. When he was 49 people, he was a Tong PHIL DAWSON, which would be the longevity of the two.

Texas people defensive end-strike J.J. Watt: It is worthwhile to take injuries

In the playoffs in the Buffalo Bore, Houston Dezhou people face very disadvantageous situations. They have been behind from 0-13, and they may lose 7 points.

The wild horse announced that Sanchez will serve as the first. He expects to be filled with the first section, and Ximeian will appear in the second quarter. The new show 4 points Bathton-Lynch will play in the second half.

Bill came to the Texas people 12 yard lines for three-speed 8 yard attack. Then J.J.Watt (J. J. Watt) shocked from the outside, killing Bill, Josh Allen, resulting in the end of Bill only ending this wave of attack in any racket. In the case of falling behind, the Dezhou people finally completed reversal and won 22-19 at the overtime.

Ximeian’s performance in the rest of the tour allows the coach group impressed. Lynch despite the most unspeakable talents, he needs to make progress in mastering tactical manuals and merchants. However, if Lynch can become a first hair through a strong appearance, it will not be shocked.

“That is a very important defense in the game. If you said, the audience really gave us help in the fourth quarter. The audience is full of investment, JJ encourages the audience,” Clama Bill – O’Brien (Bill O & # 39 Brien) Talking about Watt’s time to say.

At that time, there were 15 yards left, and the Hawks hit 3 files at the top 6 yard lines of the end zone. Russell Wilson passed the close-up in the end of the end, passed on Jacob Hollister, suspected that due to Warner grabbed the Hollist’s arm and did not complete. However, the referee did not punish, and the Committee did not look back in the instructions of the video. After the Wilson tried to connect Hollist, but the front dead ball in front of the terminal area, the Hawks lost to 49 people, and the National Western champion was lost.

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