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Last week, I took a 38-7 big victory with a 38-7 victory, and the patriotic who had a lot of flowers showed a good offensive firepower. Tom Braddy passed 3 times, let his pass reached the number of 497, and this week’s game, this record is likely to come to 500, and he is also very likely to become a self Ton this week. – Manning and Brett – Falf fiamons also a player who broke the number of 500.

[Team News] Regular season 1 week: New Shuai opened the door

The regular season finally started! In the first week of competition, including the raid, several teams changed the handsome team failed to win. Looking forward to the next week, these new hands can be retrieved!

The chief in the secure position and Daniel Sorensen and Eric Murray, and the Star Corner Wirak Berry will also tear from the loose tendon. Return. They also signed the corner David Amerson and will receive Washington Red Leather Wan Dell-Wom (Kendall Fuller cheap jerseys from china the trading of Alex Smith).

Breddy’s failure of 5 wins and 0 losses in the face of Rack, can Brakes can continue to maintain;

Ty. Hilton is very likely to absence this game, who will pick up the horses’ attack banner;

The patriot main extension, Edelman, can bring more changes to the Patriots Offense Group;

In the face of the rest of the Daniels, can the pony twice, can you give him a little surprise in the Fox Fort?

[Event Prevent] Regulations on the 5th week of Tuesday, Tuesday, Pony @ 爱国

National Day holiday, NFL regular season entered the 5th week, this week, Thursday night will be launched in the national association, and the patriot will challenge the patriot. At present, the two teams are not ideal, but the patriots have slowly walk under the leadership of the “Sijie Old Han”; and the little horses and Andrew Ruck also showed a good competitive state after completely getting rid of injuries. However, the current enemy of the United States, the United States, and the pilot team still faces a good challenge. The farce between the rest period Pony and the Patriot Attack Coordinator Mike Daniel will also bring a different point of view to this game.

According to the Kansas City Media Report, the chief is expected to cut off Safety, Roen Parker. They have been cut off the corner revis and line Wendrick Johnson (Derrick Johnson), when the new league begins to get angle Marcus Pites ( Marcus peters) Trading to Los Angeles Rana.

Exposed many teams interested in trading Jets defensive end Leonard – Williams

When the NFL trade deadline approached, the concern is a name New York Jets defensive end Leonard – Williams (Leonard Williams). According to informed sources, a number of teams interested in him.

Houston Texans traded before the start of the season before the draft pick Judd Vian – Kelao Ni (Jadeveon Clowney), in exchange for a third-round pick and a red setter 巴克维乌斯 – Domingo (Barkevious Mingo) and linebacker Jacob Jacobs – Martin (Jacob Martin). Last year, the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Donte small – Fowler traded to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for the third round and fifth round picks.

The pony team does not end the enemy of Houston in the same area in the offensive battle of last week, as long as Rak maintains health, then he and Ty. Hilton is one of the strongest offensive portfolios of the league, although the ball attack Sound is colored, but the pavement of the piles is extremely cold, and only 41 pavements of the road will be added. Rack has been full of blood, and now the Pony is going to continue to find a weapon for him.

Black Leopard and External Carrobe – Andon has been about two years

US Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, the Black Leopard and External Contact Robby Anderson will last for about two years. The total amount of new contract has a total salary of $ 29.5 million, including $ 2.5 million security.

For the purposes of Williams in the final year of his rookie contract, asking the Jets may be in the range of similar or higher. Concern whether there will be the team in October 29 trade deadline trying to facilitate transactions.

Renewal former Anderson’s 2021 salary is $ 8 million, and now it will become $ 12.5 million. The salary of his two years was $ 13 million and $ 12 million, respectively. Before the black panther, Anderson fled the jet with a decision, and completed 302 battles in four years, pushed 4,155 yards, reached 23 times.

“I think you can start in wholesale nfl jerseys.” Osville said, “I feel that I have proved myself in 2015. But now this is Terefi-Simi’s team, my mission is to be used and do it. I can & hellip; & hellip; I am really happy to return here. This is the best place for NFL. “

“I want people to understand that this decision will not be easy.” Osville said, “I have more sleepy every week, I will turn to the river in the stomach every day. Eventually, I tried to make it better for myself. Decision. No matter what my decision is wrong, this has become a place fact. I will not only live in the past, but I am really grateful and deep about Denver Musaba and Denver City. “

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