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Giants and external hands of Kenny Gora, signing a $ 42 million contract for 4 years

US time Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, the former lions took over the Kenny Golladay will sign the New York Giants for 4 years, and the contract salary is 72 million.

Gora is a giant’s external new star in the past three years. It is 1190 yards in the 2019 season, reaching 11 times, and selection of professional bowls. Legs and hips have made him only played 5 games in 2020, completed 20 batches, advanced 338 yards, reached 2 times. Gola’s career completed 183 battles, pushed 3068 yards, reached 21 times.

Brisett is currently a quarter-off guard on the list of colors, and his career has played 23 games in three seasons, and 17 of them were started. In the 2017 season of Rock injured, Briset was started to fight 15 games. On the depth lineup, Brisett was new Shiflip-Walker and the second-year Kelly-Kelly (Chad Kelly), Kelly fought a game for the wild horse last season.

After the first show in the regular season, the Qianlang four points Wei Jie Miss Winston adjusts the status, and the total of 21 passed a total of 207 codes and 1 time, this time is him. Taking a refined ball crossing two Saint players with an external hand Vincent Jackson completed. Drew Brees, Drew Brees, has not been played by the pressure of the pirate defensive front line. Although the pirates of the pirates were all turned down to see the hopes, they still lost their games.


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Gora has said in December last year, I hope to stay in Detroit. However, the Matthew Stafford was traded to the ram, and the new general manager and the main coach also walked on the horse. How much affects his final decision.

The Buffalo Boren, who has started to promote the atmosphere of the home fans through the field promotion. However, the new England patriots use their wonderful performance to make the home fans once the sword. The biggest hero that the team wins is a star quartz, Tom Brady. The all-game game patriot has taken a pass attack, and ultimately only 10 files are used. In the ball attack, Braddy and Robert-Gronz, Di I-Lewis and Julian Edelman, these offensive weapons cooperated with tacit understanding, total completion 24 The passed ball acquired 308 yards. The game Breddy 59 passed 38 successfully won 466 yards 3 times. Although Bill’s last moments saw turning hopes, Danny Amendola, a very exciting ball continued the patriot’s attack, and the patriot finally stabilizes.

In his first show, Tennesi Titan’s four-dimensional Marcus Mariota played and stunned, completed 4 passes to reach, four-point guards reached full. However, this week, in the face of Cleveland Blanc, his pass is unable to show power, and the Titan fragile offensive front line made him 7 times. Johnny Manzie, who won the Hesmann, MANZEL, Johnny Manziel, just like Mario Tag, 15 times, 15 times, successfully obtained 2 times, but also twice. The biggest star in this game should be Brown to take over Travis – this Jiemin Benjamin, he completed a 60-yard ball reachable and 1 time 50 yards, and he got 1 76 弃Kick back to the attack.

In the first week, the Baltimo Crow 4-point Guo Joe-Vlaco (Joe Flacco) played a bright 384 yard pass data, and his main passed target Steve Smith (Steve Smith) continues to prove that the age has no effect on himself, and the ball is 150 yards. But their performance is covered by the rays of Derek Carr today today. The young quartz-bathing became the first leader since November 2011, the four-point guards won 4 times in the first half. He was only two minutes in the game, and the Amari Cooper completed the 68-yard biopsy. At the end, he ranked 80 yards and won the victory.

Baltimore Crow 4 points Wei Mal Jackson became the best offensive player of the United States. This is the second consecutive week, and he also won the third prize this season. Jackson got 223 yards in the 49-13 victory in Cincinnati, and the transfer rate of passing the ball reached 88.2%, and it was 3 times, and the quarterfield was a perfect 158.3. The second-grade quarter-saving becomes a player who has achieved a perfect four-point guard in the second single season. In addition, he also got 65 yards, giving 1 time.

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