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Patriot Boss: Many people want to become Gronoski next lifeNew England Patriots near Rob Gronkowski claimed to be a “player”, he believes that he should be a serious person who is thinking that it is a serious person.

However, Montana said that Cape Nick’s poor performance in the past two seasons also explained why he couldn’t find new east. Karenik is difficult to copy his performance in the 2013 season and the 2014 season.

Capenik decided to play the national anthem in front of the game, and the one kneel that protested a small number of ethnic distortion to the circle, and there were two polarizations. Montana believes that this behavior Nfl Jerseys in Katnik is one of the reasons why 49 people have brought to him.

Robert Krafte is telling us that he believes in the soul?


Gronoski is a key figure of the Patriot Offense Group, which will face the most severe challenges of the Seattle Hawks. He also danced naked in the nightclub. But the 25-year-old player who is hobbies will not choose to find fun when there is a chance. “I mean, everyone has a child in the era of university,” said Gronoski. “I bet you, if you can return to the past, you are willing to have one or two nights, so why not?”

“Everyone feels because of his position; you have not noticed that he will make teammates distract,” Montana said on Tuesday. “Review (the first 49th coach) Bill Walsh (Bill Walsh), as long as someone does not meet his requirements, no matter how high your level is, you will not stay in the team. You need to want the same Things, fight for the same goal and willing to spend time to invest. “

Mike McCarthy, Mike McCart, said that he thought that James Starks was the team’s number one running guard, Raybi was two running guards. “I will say James will now be our number one running in the Detroit Competition,” McCarthy said to the local media. “He won this opportunity. I didn’t believe that the whole season relied on a main run. We will let the two rotate.”

This is right, but listening to the owner’s boss Robert Kraft (Robert Kraft), this star is close to the people envied by others. “In our next life, many people may want to be Gronoski,” Krav Tell the media on Wednesday. “He never had a bad day.”

Davis slammed Roman today, and reviewed what he just said when he was on the attack coordinator: “Grieg Romer said to me at the age of 21; you know we can put any People cut, no matter what you did. & Rsquo; “

49 people regenerate: Right cut request replacement offensive coordinator Just ending in the San Francisco 49 people, the team is ready to usher in the big adjustment, the professional bowl players offensive cut off Antanyi-Davis requires that the next season does not want to continue and offensive coordinator Grig-Roman (Greg Roman) works.

Starks has a better running guard & mdash; & mdash; Rexi himself also admitted this & mdash; & mdash; included in the sixth week. His game recording first is his rapid explosive force and a change in the future to find an airful ability, and Raybi lacks such an capability.

Both people are not excellent in performance, but Starks will have the opportunity to let the packwork end loses. In the face of the Rankings of the Ranking League, the thirtieth of the lion defensive (133.8 yards), the package is very likely to return to the right track in the shock attack and win.

The poor performance of Rexi has made the entire Wisconsin anxious, especially during the two-game losers of the packaging. This third-year running guard 83 sho is only 308 yards, with an average of 3.7 yards per time. In his four games in the past, the number of Siwisi single field codes did not exceed 38 yards and only one game has exceeded 2.1 yards per shock.

Whether it is due to injuries (ankles, groin) or weight gain, Razi has not effectively finds air and lacks explosive power. Renee has participated in the training on Wednesday. He leaving the hurt injury in the game.

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