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Taylor performs efficient in the anti-running and still eliminating the possibility of he will return to Brown. This season, Brown got defending Danny Shelton in the draft, he will be and Landy Starks and Desmond Bryant (DESMOND BRYANT) Composition team front line. If Shelton does not meet the requirements of the team, Taylor will still be a good choice.

Patriot rule, Bill reversal failed

November 24, Beijing time, the new England Patriot team that maintained a winning, welcoming the challenge of Buffalo Bell. Although Bill has not let the game lose suspense, the patriot has controlled the situation in the audience, and has been pressed against Bill, and won the tentger victory in the season. The final score is 20:13.

Brown announced that it is trimming the defensive cut-off Phil-Taylor

On Tuesday, Cleveland Branda announced that it was referending the defensive cut-Taylor. As the first round of 2011, Taylor is in the brown effectiveness for lucas-zelasko-pr.bplaced.net 4 seasons. According to NFL official website reporters, Brungee retreat is the cause of his injury. The front line player can get 5.47 million US dollars this season.

Before the game, Datin did not overcome Titan at the home of Titan. With Bell’s outstanding run, the steel man controlled the game for more than 39 minutes. 49 seconds eventually got the game with the absolute advantage of 386 yards.

In fact, Fremman’s value is not only a running ball, but he also contributed 17 codes to the 194 yards. Now that Fremman is basically it is basically able to lock the first running guard of this season.

McCaffli has only played three games this season. He hits the high ankle joint in the competition of the pirate in the second week, absent the next six games. It is also injured in the gathering of the aviation, therefore absent three games.

Art ronney II wrote in the statement: “Unfortunately, Laine can’t contribute to our own power in the rest of this season. However, even in the field, Lien also Or one of our team leaders. We know that his optimism and spirit will help him continue to reply, and we will also motivate our team. “

The third quarter, the patriot took the lead, kicked a 54-yard shot, which is also the first ball that is kicked after the shooting of the Gustoski’s continuous eight-legged 50 yards. Bill started attack from this 44 yard. Le Shean McCoy broke through the entire patriotic defensive line, got a 27-yard rush to reach, once again equalized the score. But Bill subsequent offensive enters the cooling phase. The patriot’s White once again succeeded, and the 6 yards of the scorpion won a reach. In the second half of this section, the patriot’s abandoned kicks made Bill’s turns, and the patriot player got the ball after the ball, but fortunately, the ball rolled out in the direction of Bill’s half. . The patriot is therefore changed to 10 points before the end of this section. Patriot 20:10 Bill.

Due to accepting knee surgery, Taylor has absent the entire preseason. Mike Pettine also said on Monday, no conclusions for Taylor’s future. In the interview on Tuesday, Pe Ting said: “We need to leave space for the list, which requires some difficult choices.”

Bell said: “I think we need to become stronger, we obviously be better, the team is more united, but this week we can enjoy the victory first, this is what we should, then we must continue to work hard.”

The first game, Bill’s offensive group was poor, and Tyrod Taylor did not bring Bill to the half of the patriot. The patriot can only rely on any racquet of Stephen Gostkowski to make a little lead. The first battle, the patriot 3: 0 Leading Bill.

Black Leopard Run Weristian – McAfri stock four-headed muscular injury

US time on Wednesday, the Black Leopard runs to Kristian-McAristian Mccaffrey again training, this time due to the four muscle injuries.

This also affects the possibility of participating in Sunday on the Major Majape. The head coach Matt Rush said that this homeware sprained the four muscles during the black panther cycle, and the injury was slightly deteriorated on Wednesday.

Two days ago, Lu Behind the goal of McCaffli is the return this weekend. Now the Black Panther Medical Group needs to pay close attention to the injury progression, in order to eventually decide whether he can play.

In the second game, Bill will level the score. However, the two sides have entered a stalemate. When the second quarter was 19 seconds, Tom Brady passed to James White. White got rid of a hug of the feet and reached the point. At the end of the half, the patriot 10: 3 continues to lead.

Section IV, although Bill copied Brady’s long biography, Bill did not seize the opportunity and gave the ball to the patriot. When the game has 3 minutes and a half, Bill smashes the difference to 7 points by a foot shoot. Subsequently Bill successfully attacked the patriot offensive group. Bill got the chance of lingering scores without suspending. But the patriots’ defensive group did not let the lord happened. The patriot won the Bill at home. The score of the whole game is 20:13.

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