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Roger Goodell, Chairman, Roger Goodell, said in a statement: “We are very affirmed that Gordon has achieved in the individual and professional stadium, and everyone wants him to return to the stage as soon as possible, and continue to do full He supported him. But as Gordon said, his success is ultimately depends on him. “

Alliance announced the lifting penalty for Josh-Gordon’s indefinite suspensionBeijing August 17th, Beijing Sports August 17th, the league announced recently that the patriot team outside the indefinitely suspended, was allowed to return to the stadium.

However, Charles has not had such excellent performance for a long time. In the past four seasons, he has achieved three different teams, just the first five games, and completed the 206-time ball for 7334 yards.

The 37-year-old old will soon entered the last year of the contract, his contract was 5 years of $ 100 million, recently told reporters: “I don’t know why things have not progressed, and they ask the negotiation requirements in March, before the team I hope to introduce Josh Norman presents a request for reforming the contract, then there is no discussion about the contract. “

The coach Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ru Ron Ron Ron Ron is looking forward to the next week: “This is a great entry in front of us, or even a few weeks ago. The situation is developed to this step. Let us Very unexpected, but no matter what to say, the opportunity is in front of you. We need to look forward, win the competition, win the partition champion, enter the playoffs. “

Black Panther’s close: It can win the game better, you can win the gameThis week, Calorina Black Panther was defeated by 17-13 Cleveland Brown, and they only need to win the last game of the regular season, they can rank among the playoffs. One month ago, the proximal front Greg Olsen said in the team with 13-31 defeated in Minnesota, the game: “Now, we will be dismissed, nothing is good.” After winning the game, Olson revealed its new ideas in the interview.

Olsen said: “When you have a very good, you will naturally win the game. When you perform bad, the lobes are also justified. Our performance is lower than expected, to play in this situation. Good competition needs to be loaded with great pressure. At some point in the season, we are really bad. But now we are back, we grow into a stronger team. This is the truth: performance, you can Win the game. “

The general manager of Brown is optimistic to the front of OregonFormer Oregon University Corner Wiover – Ekpre-Olomu is selected in the 7th round by Cleveland Blanc. The potential of the PAC-12 best lineup in the past two seasons has been injured in the knee in December last year, which also fell sharply.

If you are really a black powder of Smith, you may make you further. New York Daily’s reporter commented on the upcoming New England Patriots against New York Jet, he gave the jet’s coach, but about the quarter-saving suggestion.

He said: “Rex Ryan is a good coach but he is not Bill Belichick, he is the best defensive coach, at least in the past 10 years, this is also You can do what you can do when you are teaching. He never had an all-star quad-saving, cheap Jerseys from China there is no star player in the offensive group, now he is very disappointed with Smith, Smith looks very talented but actually NFL is the worst Quadruplicate. “

But Charles’s career is troubled. He has only 3 games in the first three games, and he only participated in 2 playoffs and never won the super bowl of champion. He has never led the entire alliance due to the numerous injuries and many excellent running guards.

“Some of my data is much better than some players who have been selected,” Charles said. “I think one thing I will harass me is that I have not won the super bowl, but I hope people can learn what people I am in the performance of me.”

Ray Farmer, General Manager, General Manager, is very satisfied with such a team that has the first round of strength in the selection. He said that this height is 5 fet 9-foot, and the defensive style fierce players can initiate an impact on the starting position after the injury. Fa Mal said: “I think we have selected the right player, he talent, just unfortunately injured. We have confidence in his recovery. If we can return to 100%, then he is completely capable. “

Although there is still time to make a decision, if the front team can’t make a choice, then the season is over, Bris said: “I want to say that the time node is before the regular season is not the training camp. Before starting. “

Nike Patriots #50 Rob Ninkovich Navy Blue Team Color Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL New Elite JerseyWhen Olom is published in the first time, some experts suggest that he gives up this year’s participation in the draft. However, Olom still decided to challenge yourself, he actively recovered injuries and eventually got a chance to re-proved. After being selected, Olom also expressed its gratitude to Brown on a personal network social media.

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