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Key events Week 13 Preview: Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona CardinalsWeek 13 game is still the focus of the National League West civil war. Recent poor state of the two teams & mdash; & mdash; the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals will duel. Both teams are currently expected to enter the playoffs, but obviously needs to keep winning to ensure a playoff spot, or even catch up with the top ranking partition of the Seattle Seahawks. Who will win in this contest it?

In the Sunday match, the Hawks over 49 people in 29-1, Rawls completed 209 yards, which is also the second good single scene of the Hawks History, and Russel Wilson ( Russell Wilson’s pass is good and finally helping the team to reach 50% of the record.

Obviously, the defense group is the biggest advantage of the Rams this season, they averaged less loss of yardage was the second league. The Cardinals offensive team this season as well, averaging advancing yardage ranked second in the league. Both sides have a lot of good offensive and defensive players, but their alignment will be the highlight of the game. Cardinals this season, an average of 5.0 yards per carry advance the ball, ranking first in the league, averaging 155.9 yards rushing the ball propulsion, Cheap Jerseys From China ranked fourth in the league. But the Rams this season, opponents averaged 93.5 yards rushing advance, the less is the fourth coalition. Cardinals quarterback Keller – Murray (Kyler Murray) brilliant this season, but has recently been a shoulder injury affected, which may affect the tactical Cardinals. Murray this season, only 12.6% were in the passing attack put pressure on opponents, it is the least of the league, no doubt Rams star defensive tackle Aaron – Donald (Aaron Donald) and Rams passing attack will give red bird offensive team to exert tremendous pressure. But outside Cardinals ace took over D’Andre – Hopkins (DeAndre Hopkins) and Rams star cornerback Jay – Ramsey (Jalen Ramsey) showdown inevitable concern, but Hopkins has two games in a row ball game yardage less than 60 yards and did not get the ball up front, this is the first time since 2016 such a situation. Duel in which side will have the last laugh?

Washington football team abandoned to play portrait in the team 20-9 played in the game of Cincinnati, playing out in the game, abandoned in his 5 times, with an average of 50.4 yards every time I wrote 50.4 yards (net The number of codes is 46.6 yards), there are 3 abandoned kicks into the opponent 20 yard lines. Such a performance made him become the best special team player in the National United Know.

2016 session of the champion and second place quarterback have recently underperforming. Although the Rams current record of 7 wins and 4 losses, but quarterback Jared – Gough (Jared Goff) criticized the performance. Since the eighth week, Gough has 10 turnovers led to surrender the ball, this time in the league is the most, than the player ranked second to more than 3 times. The Rams had six consecutive games scoring less than 30 points, Shawn – McVeigh (Sean McVay) era longest period of decline. In the game against the San Francisco 49ers in the last game Goff had three turnovers to hand over the ball, and McVeigh after the game criticized him, asking him to keep the ball. Some analysts believe that McVeigh change tactics designed Gough is one of the causes of poor performance. Nevertheless, the decline in November Gough have the data, he can rebound in the first game in December?

Rawls this game completed 255 yards, of which 46 yards were the ball. At present, Rawls has more than 160 yards in two games. You have to know the team’s starting to run to Ma Shaen, Lynn, Marshawn Lynch The maximum number of career single fields is 153 yards.

In the packaging work, their total number of salary is very good, but he can only look at Krosi kick the team after bringing the team into the arbitrary shooting range. Amazing thing is that the packaging works game has not tried to abandon the kick. They are the team that did not abandon the kick this season. At the same time, it was the first game for 3 years without abandoning the ball. .

The problem of injuries in the wild horse quadrants is one of the reasons why they have a poor performance this season. Osville was injured in the early stages of the season, and the other four-point Bathson-Linch (Paxton Lynch) was only played only in 1 game due to shoulder injury and ankle injury.

This game Wilson completed 24 passes to advance 260 yards, four-point guards up to 138.5, and a few days ago, the coaching group has also publicly accused his pass issues, apparently played effective role.

Sean – during McVeigh coached the Rams against the Cardinals 6 straight victories, averaging 32.5 points. Last season the two teams clash in two games, both Gough played a good performance. Midstream this season, the Cardinals defense group in the league, averaging opponents advancing yardage in the league 14, lost points in the league 14. Cardinals in second-line defense, veteran Patrick – Peterson (Patrick Peterson) slipped this season, but the biggest highlight is undoubtedly the security guard Buda – Baker (Budda Baker). In front seven defense, a great impact on the injury Cardinals defensive front, but also key players in Chandler – congregation need to play the leading role of a young player after reimbursement Jones (Chandler Jones) season. Rookie linebacker Isaiah – Simmons (Isaiah Simmons) performance is still worth looking forward to, although not much opportunity to play, he was able to dedicate dazzling performance when playing. The game Cardinals defensive group can help the team avoid the game against the Rams seven-game losing streak, let the Rams offensive team back feeling?

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