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The new England patriots hopes to leave this defensive player. This first round show in the 2016 season completed 65 cockroaches, won 2.5 times, and it is still very young, only 27 years old, the card is not lost. The jet has not been a big move in the free market, and it is not surprising to Shanghai Tama.

But California is the first region forced to be home to the home isolation, and it is also likely to be the last area that allows group activities. Therefore, these five teams need to prepare emergency programs.

The challenge is to let the players accept arrangements. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to win. But when you can’t get a victory, the players who have not received enough ball will be dissatisfied. I feel that if I live more ball, I can help the team to win.

At that time, Manning felt the pressure from the steel man’s defensive player, so he took the initiative to give up. If there is a steel player rush to him, this is the behavior of the yellow flag. But this should be a four-point guard, and now the rules are clear.

Crawni, which is in the recovery period after the operation of the core muscle, a little low, annual salary requirements and injuries in more than 20 million US dollars, have made many teams, and even if they let the team do not give medical examination opportunities.

Robinson said: “According to I saw it on this tweet, he still maintains a considerable intensity training. No matter when talking, we must first ensure that the player is healthy, let the doctor check, seeing it, make sure everything is not problem.”

Lynch said: “Be sure to prepare for Wan Quan. The current epidemic contains too many unknown, change every day, so we must do a good preparation. We are actively contacting the State Government and local governments, trying to get as much as possible information.”

So in the Run Nick – Nick Chubb, running Kareem Hunt, Exterior Hut, Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.), External Through Jaweiss – Rand JARVIS LANDRY, near-pending Austin Hooper and near-Terrier David – David NJOKU, Brown plan how to distribute the ball?

49 people are looking for California outside the training place

Cowbur is still planned to hold training camps in California, 49 people, raid people, lightning and raw are also planned to hold training camps in California.

“In fact, I discussed this issue this morning and offensive coaches. We discussed the number of mulchings, the number of buses and tactics.” Kevin Stefanski) received an interview on Thursday Indicated. “We will definitely consider this problem. After working with different teams and different offensive players, we know that sometimes you have an excellent running guard, excellent external hand or excellent close-end strike, of course, you have to assign The ball is fine, and it is necessary to understand different game programs at the same time. “

In other words, some games need more punch attacks, fewer pass attacks. Some need to get more paste. Some people need a player to get more opportunities, some need to reduce the opportunity of a player.

Contrary to the outstanding performance of the new show, we can’t even find a reliable rookie defensive end when we are row the best lineup, and see only the black Leopard Kongni-Eli (Kony Ealy) It is expected to rise in the second half of the season.

This year’s competition, several elite quarters have played a high level. PEYTON Manning has broken the record of the total ball of the league’s history, and unexpectedly starts to try more than a long-distance attack, he has reached his top peak at this age, simply incredible. Tom Brady fans in season, let people think “he is old”, but he strengthened cheap nfl jerseys from china the fifth week, since then, it has passed the 14-time array and did not have copied it. cut.

Although Philadelphia eagle now sells 6 wins and 2 negative and cowboy, the first four-point 卫 卫 尼 – Form’s performance is not satisfactory. When you look at the Eagle’s attack, you can feel that Falls have been tangled with yourself, and the eagle needs to introduce a reliable substitute quarterfield to strengthen the urgency and pressure of Falls.

Although the Aaron Rodgers currently did not have the status of Manning and Bradi, there is no doubt that is already one of the most great four-point guard in history. After the last three weeks, he It has been reinstalling, and it is expected to bring the packaging work into the playoffs again. If he is present, the packaging work is always a non-small.

Summary of the season: count the front halflight point and black spots

The front half in the season can be high, Dallas denim can be said to be the biggest highlight, and they currently take the country of 6 wins and 2 losses, unexpectedly. At present, most teams in the country are in the competition in the playoffs. The Hawks have failed to show the strength of defending champion, they need to adjust as soon as possible to ensure the extension of the playoffs and even the homeland. The United States, there are 11 teams to win, and the Melase West is the most competitive partition. After saying so much, come and see the first half of the season we have brought out.

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