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People can predict that the unsuccessful, the training camp is derived as the team No. 3 quartz, frequently showed a panic, like Brene-Gibert, when Case-Karnam is difficult to lead The team moved forward, the season in the season was in a hurry to push the first hair, the transcript of the hand is all lost, the hit rate has just passed 50%, the thousands of code is 5 reachaes 7 copies, and the other side Philadelphia temperature The little has a small performance, which seems to have adaptively adapted the rhythm of the professional alliance. In the spring of 2017, the ram hired the youngest coach Shane, McDe, and the Gaofman finally gave a four-point guard in the context of the coach and teammates, and also took out the performance of the upper-shaped price. Can you Wenz? In Philadelphia leads the eagle to play the first record of the league, and individuals who have completed the MVP level season, Gaoff seems to always slow Wwitz.

Tiger leads to the Pittsburgh steel man in the United States of America, and they need to try to defeat 49 people in San Francisco, Denver Mangma and Baltimo Crow to get the first round of round holiday in the season. The lower game McCarren is expected to be the first winning Alabama University since 1987.

Atlantian Femplay General Manager: The team’s lineup will definitely become more excellent.

The 7th consecutive seasons of 7 wins and 9 losses have made Atlantan Femplay in the new season a huge expectation and pressure.

“I support Tom Brady,” Krafte is expressed in an interview. “I am very excited. We have some great communication. He is a very special person. We can fortunate to have him for 20 years, he is one of the best people I have seen.”

During Emirates streak 10, lost points, averaging 12.8 points, while the previous six weeks, this data was 26.5 minutes. I would like to see win the defensive, Chiefs this sentence to an extreme. From the east tower – wave led this defensive front line enough to make all terrified opponents, there is the 6-foot-3, 346 lbs heavy tank sits in the middle, rarely was able to break through. Even this season, as the fullback wave also had a complete red ball touchdowns. And by the Tampa – Harry, Jai – Howard and Mike – DeVito defensive end rotation consisting of both to complete its anti-run task, the same also take into account the constant harassment quarterback opposite. And last year’s sack king Justin – Houston this season, more often outside help for anti-ran, while reducing personal data, but the entire defense chiefs set to become more efficient & mdash; & mdash; the anti-run in the end. Main inside linebacker Derek – Johnson in the star-studded group of defense chiefs seem so humble, serious injury to recover from his Achilles tendon tear this season, Emirates Road incarnation of the most stable gates, sack and steals Shoudaoqinlai . And by the Shawn – Smith and Marcus – a combination of high and one short of cornerback Peters composition is even more amazing. The former is responsible for a variety of single anti-big external opponents. The latter is responsible for all slots marker for short distances, excellent physical fitness this season, he repeatedly staged steals the show. Opening to the season opener Heuer steals the ball and touchdowns, the first round of this year’s rookie cornerback destined to be extraordinary. In the final I must say, to recover from lymphoma in Eric – Berry. Recovering from serious illness in Berry, this season the embodiment of combo guard, this year’s performance is even better than before the illness. Troy – Bora Malu after retirement, Berry has been the place of the former, one of the best security guard league. Offensive led by the defense chiefs to do better and better, and more second-fourth league steals the number and frequency sack Union, the Texans have to be careful.

& mdash; & mdash; Robert – Woods is not growing up one day. Last season, his number of buseton code is ranked eighth. It has the speed and bodies of the body on the outside. It is the strongest outer single-single person of this season. .

In the case where Dalton’s recovery time is unable to determine, the second-grade four-point guard AJ-McCarlen will complete the first hand of the completion of the career. He got 280 yards 2 times after the game, and there were two deadly copies.

The team coach Marvin, Marvin Lewis, said to the reporter four points Wei Di-Dalton No need to treat the right thumb of the fracture of the fracture. Dalton will not appear in the 49-person game in the end, the team will observe the injury weekly to determine whether Dalton can play.

American League Wild Card Preview: Chiefs @ Texans (defense articles)

Compared shabby offensive group configuration, Texans defensive group actually commendable, but after all, has the whole league fear of humanoid beasts here & mdash; & mdash;. J.J watts. Although there is no play both offense and defense last season, senior vice president at both ends of the eye, although suffered fractures troubled hand Click at Hotels Sblinks the end of the season, but are still the Watt Watt: 76 tackles, 17.5 sacks, three fumble manufacturing & hellip; & hellip ; a watt Texans have taken up almost the entire defensive front, with the Texans playoff success, there is great hope to continue watt won the defensive player of the year. The main middle linebacker Brian – Cushing finally finish a full season, although defensive coverage is not as big as in the past, but has played in Texas for seven years, he is still a reassuring gates. The Texans selected this year’s inside linebacker Patrick Bernard – McKinney also at Cushing and others tune with the rapid growth. When it comes to Texans defensive group there are two people I must mention, the main outside linebacker Whitney – Mossi draft pick last year Ruth and Judd Vian – Kelao Ni, the former scored a career-high 12 sacks, and finally let Texans 12 years of first-round pick is not wasted. The latter is gradually recovering cheap jerseys from china knee injuries, I believe that with the continued performance of his career will be better. After the defense field Jonathan – Joseph, Karim – Kevin Jackson as well – a combination of Johnson’s, with young and old, neither lack of youthful vigor yet also rich experience, won the season struck the first blow of Bangladesh tiger is proof. Such Texans defensive group will become a nightmare for all playoff teams.

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