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Rivila will remind Smith at least once a week, may participate in the position of the four-guard position. Two weeks ago, Rivira said Smith would join the competition after restoring health. Last week, he said he can “foresee” Smith play a role.

Beckham did excellent, but just like a single-handed ball last season, the team eventually lost to Dallas Cowboy. However, his opponent Washington Red Pads Trent Williams said: “What can you say to this ball? This is not a person, what do I think?”

“Because of Alex Smith, this may be a very interesting challenge for us,” Rivira said. “If Alex returns to health, continue to be healthy and we will activate him, he will participate in competition. I feel that competition will be very smooth to our team. This competition will only make you become more excellent, I will promote the progress of the young player. So I really feel satisfied with the things we have to do in the future. Make sure everyone gets the same training opportunities and participation in the same competition is a very challenging situation. “

Philadelphia Eagle has recently disclosed that in the free market, they have been looking for an experienced plus, they express their interest in Britt, and the eagle’s external handcake is Mike Groh, the Los Angeles ram last season.

Washington coach: four-point Swan Si Si resumpted to the first competitionRon Rivera reminds everyone that the four-dimensional Alex Smith is still a part of the Washington football team and wholesale Nfl jerseys may participate in the four-guard position after restoring health.

Ram 4 points Wei Gaoff: External handficial – Jefferson learned very quicklyAfter the External Hand Brians Cooks is traded to Texas, the young players of the ram have received the opportunity to compete for the appearance time.

Last season, I ruled out the worse four-dimensional performance of the ram. The 28-year-old Brit completed the new high of the career. 68 batts pushed 1002 yards and 5 reached, this is also his personal 9-year-old career for the first time A thousand yards.

But for Beckham, if Yesterday’s game won, he said: “This is really nothing, we have not win. Eli Manning throws the ball, I will go Couching this ball is only, we lose this time this time is a key place. “

In the first two episodes, he had two arbitrage shoots and 1 additional shot. In the entire college career of Florida State University, he was in addition to the 198th attempts in addition to the shooting door, and only 9 arbitrage shots failed.

Smith’s knee injury in previous encounters is serious to most people think that he will retire. He can get close to the return is already a great story. But it seems that it seems to be a first four-point guard after returning, it seems still a difficult challenge.

Gao Fu said: “Any performance is very good. This is even my conservative statement, because I don’t want these young people to be full. But he is really impressive and excellent. I remembered the Xiu’s rookie period, At that time, his performance far exceeded the same session. & Hellip; & hellip; everything is very fast, and it has a very outstanding exercise ability. I think he learned the offensive system, understanding the speed of knowledge is also very amazing, and look forward to him Play together. “

Curt was asked whether he believed that the poor performance of Aguao is related to psychological factors. Carted gave an affirmative answer. The Agua Confusion also admits this, he said that his confidence has been affected.

Li Yue’s top six seasons were effective for the Jasuo, and a 4-year $ 34 million contract was signed in March 2018, but then only had 6 games. Li Yat has come to 59 games, completing 174 battles, promoting 2184 yards, reaching 8 times.

Brit in 2009 was selected by Tenna West Titan in the first round, after the first 16 games, he participated in 15 games last season, with his performance, he could become an important fire power of the team attack.

49 people and external hands Macchies – Li signed a year US Time Monday, 49 people have signed a one-year contract with the old Horse Lee-Li (Marqise LEE). In order to make a big list space, 49 people abandoned an external handle Austin Proehl.

On Monday, Carter was about to attend the Gao Ji 50 spending at the end of training and said that if he completed the shooting team, he could end the training. Agua was successful, his teammates celebrated him. They also made him talk about the merchants after training. “I haven’t had such a feeling for a long time … winning the shooting of the game,” Agua said.

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