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Black Panther performs defensive disappearance Lourley fifth year contract optionDave Gettleman, General Manager, Carolina, has always said that he will not pick and cultivate a talent but finally let him join other teams.

Mario Tag also responded to this matter. He said: “This record will be broken soon. At that time, the defensive players were doing very well. Several defensive players were fighting against the skin. It is a successful defense. But Because this is a two-minute off-time attack and defense drill, I can’t win this, which makes me a little lost. “

“To say that the system is adapted, I think there is no more perfect detailed in the free market. His passage tips, start adjustment when the ball is very difficult. & Hellip; & hellip; he not only skills, also know How to use it. My favorite is that as a player, Jack is not learning new knowledge. I look forward to studying with him, see what adjustment, help him. “

Chicker was selected for 14th place for TOP 100 players last season. It has contributed 473 hugs for the Black Leopard. At the last season, the total number of alliances was first, and his three years of data was steadily improved. The most important thing is that he is only 24 age

Luke – Chikli is about to complete a new contract with the Black PantherAccording to Wholesale Nfl Jerseys media reporters, Carolina Black Panther and their star line Wei Luke-Chuck-Chuck-Chique will complete the renewal of the extension contract.

The head coal-WiNen Hunter joking when he said that the team finally broke this record, and now I can consider another four-point guard to let Mario tower sitting in the cold bench. He said: “I am very happy to be broken, so that everyone is always discussing this matter. To say that the truth is still quite amazing, but he is still progressing, this training camp. I am great. I am looking forward to him in the second game in the season. “

In two minutes of attack and defense drills, the Pass of Mario Tam was slammed by Avery Williamson with a finger, and then Safety Sanolis Sercy (Norris Searcy) The air took the ball, then the ball was controlled by Brown and completed this copy.

Lotel is selected in the first round of the fourteenth time. The value of the player’s fifth year after the election of the tenth order is the average salary of the third height to the twenty-five player from the salary, the player selected in the first ten shine. The five-year contract value is the average salary of the highest player in this position.

I have to accept the fact that when I use my own childhood to treat my son, I will hurt him, I have never thought that he never thought that he would hurt. I know that many people do not agree with me to educate their children. After meeting with a psychologist, I also learned that there are many more suitable methods of taught children.

Mario Tag first trained in the team in the teamSince this year’s list, San Mark Mariota has passed the total number of 231 records in Tennesi, and has never been copied, the only experience of being copied. In the preseason game, the first battle of the Arrangan Falcon’s official game. At the local time Tuesday, the record of unmanned Mario Taga in the Titan team was finally broken, and the line Wencen Brown won a copy of a copy in a defensive.

The New York jet touched the New York jet, and his contract included 6 million US dollarship, so the 32-year-old old will be able to choose a few months in the new season or to reschedurate a team with old The basic salary joins only to prove that they can also appear on the NFL.

Darer Rewick insisted that the training did not consider retirement Darrelle Revis seems to be a person who is forgotten by the League team, but this old will not be prepared to take into account retirement.

In the three-year effort of the Treasures of the Black Leopard, Lokotley is an excellent anti-runner. With star players, Kawann Short partnership, let the black panther have one of the best internal defensive front lines, this gives Yulk Kuechly and Thomas Davis Help it. This defensive front line combination proves that Gatman selection the eyes of defensive cuts in 2013.

I accept the fact that people feel very angry about this, and they also accept their ideas for me. But no matter what others think, I love my son very much and I will continue to work hard to become a better father.

My lawyer has asked me not to discuss the fact details of the case. I hope that you can respect this request and help me follow it. I very much hope that the public can listen to my thoughts but I understand that it is not appropriate to talk about these details now. However, I hope everyone can understand how much I brought to my child is how sorry.

I am not a perfect son. I am not a perfect husband. I am not a perfect father, but there is no doubt that I am not a child. I am a person who taught myself and never wants him to hurt. No one can understand that I feel painful for my son and my harm to him. My goal is to always tell my son right from wrong and that’s what I want to do in the day.

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