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If this Wednesday, it was proved to be the turning point of the Haiying season and would not surprised. Qifesler is one of the team leaders in the 2014 season. In addition, he also assumed the responsibility of correcting the discipline of players.

After completing 100 yard running balls in Section 4 of the New York Giants, Murray became a player who completed 100 yards above the first season in NFL history. Previous records were recorded by Jim Brown’s 6-game 100 yards completed in 1958.

Jordan is not bad. Thomas broke the record of the number of balls in the top three years, completing 321 times, promoted 3787 yards, reached 23 times. Last year, his success rate was 85% (125/147), and the alliance was the highest. He also completed 75 first-rate conversion, and the third of the league.

The red tick first held the ball attack, and the four points of the Carson Palmer were found to be connected to the Larry Fitzgerald, but they had to abandon their kicks in the midfield. . Then the two teams alternate three gear. The rickets entered the sea eagle, and the Palmer three gears were killed, and the red squash had to abandon it again. The Haiying team’s offensive group only contributed three three-speed out of the game, and then the game entered the second section.

The only advantage for the dismissal of Qinsler is that he proved his value during the Sea Eagle. Although Earl Thomas is considered to be the harmonious builder of the Eagle “Boom Army” second-line defensive, Qifusler is a real main bone. Thomas himself recognizes that Qifusler determines his defensive position before each defensive. Now, the Hawks rank in the total defensive code number, ranking twenty-first in the defensive pass.

Steelman line Sands still needs to assist in walkingOn Sunday, there were two news reports about the recent situation of Ryan Shazier, which reported the details of these two reports. Shazur encountered a serious spine injury in December, he said that he still had a long recovery process.

After the old Cameron Fleming, the cowboy has always been a need to find another substitute. Before cowboy chooses not to implement Fleming 4 million contract options, he finally joined the New York Giants.

Exchange the right, take the hand, Jermaine Kearse, take the 31 yards, followed by Doug Baldwin to get rid of the cockroach, promote 27 yards. Dramatic is that the Haiying team plays the ball HOZKKK28 yards freezers to biased the left door column! Only 11 seconds left, the Parmer “Wanfu Mary Pass” tries failed, the whole game ended, the two teams were 75 minutes, 6: 6 handshake.

The Hawks are 4 points to Waraler – Wilson 37 pass 24, 225 yards, 0 reachaes 0 copy, 1 time being killed. Run Kristed – Michael 16 shock, 52 yards. External Hand Give – Baldwin 6th, 69 yards. The proximal fever-Glaham balls 5 times, 53 yards.

The first reported Cheap Jerseys From China ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte (He said that Shazur “has started a regular walking route.” However, according to other news, auxiliary measures are still needed when walking. According to social media pictures, Shazur still wears legs and needs to walk under the four-dimensional Benlisberger, Ben Roethlisberger.

Saints defended Director Jordan: External Thomas should take the highest salaryOn June 25th, Beijing, the defensive end of Kamelon – Jordan signed a new contract with Saints. Now, he hopes that his teammates can get a fat.

“Give me money,” Jordan stressed, “no one can complete the same achievements as him in the first three years. He should get the highest salary. The first three years of catching the number of people in the first three years, the success rate of the ball will explain it. everything.”

Red Rhodinger, attack hand Patrick Ptrick Peterson abandoned the kick attack 13 yards, entered the free kick. Playing the ball, Chandler, Chatanzaro, try 39 yodns, Haiying Team Bober, Bobby Wagner, jumped with Red Rock, and blocks the shot. The Haiying team won the first first attack on the game, once again quickly abandoned. The red ramp runs David – Johnson (David Johnson) has shorted 15 yards, then they first advanced into the Haiying half a game, this time Catanasaro’s 46 yards were stable, and the red ramp 3: 0 Record. The Hawks will give up again. In the first half, there is still a minute and a half, the brush team enters the sea eagle halfway through the short distance, and the close-end Strong Ephni-Mamah is shorted to advance the 23 yards. However, 17 seconds before the end of the first half, the red scitch quartz Wei Palmer was defeated by the sea eagle defensive end Frank-Clark, and the passionate team that has been suspended is not enough to play. Hand, the end of the last half.

NFL NetWork Data Analyper pointed out that Thomas contributes the first attack in the case of small differences, but also has a very large ball (without ball influence, there is no impact on the defenders when there is no ball / pass. For example, a wrapped or dragged the opponent’s strongest defensive guards.

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