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Bradbury served as the first center means that the Pat Elflein will be moved to the Pat Elflein for Viking in the center of the center. Viking also signed the right dust, Josh Kline in this year. These adjustments to the inside offensive front line will immediately upgrade the offensive front line in the previous season.

When you participate in the show earlier on the same day, Gronoski revealed its intention. He said that he “feels very good”, “is very satisfied with the status”, but his career “is not completely ended”.

Wholesale nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to people familiar with news reports that give Buffalo Bill Cowboy quarterback Matt transactions – Kassel (Matt Cassel). Bill also sent a seventh round of the 2017 draft selection to the cowboy, got the cowboy in 2017, the fifth round of draft. Soon the cowboy from the training group, the Kellen Moore will be enrolled in the big list.

When you are asked if you will be retired at the age of 43 or 45 years old, Braddy replied: “As long as I still love to play. As long as I still love training and preparing the game and willing to do it, I am going to do it. But as I talk in a documentary Many of them, I have to take into account the other things in my life. I have (3) children, I don’t want to be a father who can’t take a child to see the game. I think my child is for future Views have a big impact, because children just want to pay attention. You can best be around them, or they will remember that they will feel, & lsquo; Dad is really not careful to care about us. & Rsquo; “

Kassel’s entire offering period is a four-point guardian, but eventually defeated under Tyrod Taylor. Kassel was originally considered to be the most likely the first quarter-saving player before the start of the training camp, but his performance did not have a more comprehensive Taylor.

But Braddy is different from them. At the last season, he became the most valuable player in the league last season, and the transfer of the total number of 4577 yards of the league was 32 times, only 8 passed passed. In the super bowl, he is just a little bit from the sixth championship.

It is still unclear that Cowboy traders come to Kassel to make him compete to get a first position or let him serve as a reliable substitute for Brandon Weeden. Although longer in effect Vuitton Cowboys offensive system, but starting Kassel more experienced, he was the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings starting a total of 71 games.

Bradbury won last season to represent the National Best Central Lington Award and selected an ACC Union Best lineup and the best lineup in the United States. His excellent exercise ability is very suitable for the area opening the scorpion system in the area liked in Kuboy.

According to reports, Gronoski has informs Patriots, and they want to join the pirates, and reunited with Tom Brady. In order to realize Gronoski’s desire, patriot needs to trade with pirates, and they still hold Geloski contracts.

Viking people confirmed the first round of Show Bridbury will become the first centerBeijing June 11, since the Minnesota Vajing decided to pick Galret Bradbury in the first round, the outside world was so fast that the offensive front line player will become the first center. Today, Viking officially confirmed this.

The proximal front of Gulith, will be traded to the pirateUpdate: According to the ESPN reporter, the Patriot will transaction Gronoski and a seven-round trading to the pirate, exchange a four-wheeled number of each other.

Jones were tied by tigers in March this year and also tried to train Brown at the beginning of the training camp. He previously included $ 5.5 million in the contract option of $ 5.5 million, but the tiger seems to be not worth it.

Wild horse signing the old horns to the Adam – JonesOn August 27th, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapople reported that Mike Garafolo, Sunday trial, Denver Mangma announced that the old will be angularly-Jones (ADAM JONES) Signing. The team officially confirmed this news.

Jones 2014 and the 2015 season were selected for professional bowl. After the first season, the groin was injured in the groad and ended in advance. After May accepting sports hermetic surgery, Jones said that he has returned to a state of 100% health.

It is poor in the morning. Kubiac believes that the adjustment of the offensive front line will allow Viking people to return to the right track. “We’d better complete the squid attack,” Kubik said. “Obviously we want to be good at fighting and complete the squid attack, if we can do this, we have the opportunity to complete some offense.”

Davis is injured in the second section of the pass defense. In the case where he is about to enter the midfield, he puts his arm to enter the locker room in advance. At the beginning of the station, he has wearing a arm protection device and can only watch the battle. Despite the injury looks more serious, Davis is still very expected for the two-week super bowl.

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