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[Offensive Group] How to become a cut offThe cutoff is generally a player in the team in addition to the four-point salary, especially the quartz-blind side. Compared to the striker, the cutoff is more flexible and the body is higher. As a member of the offensive front line, its main responsibility is to cover the four-point guard and the offensive of the running ball.

NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that after receiving inspections on Monday morning, the Sammy Watkins was diagnosed as a small leg, he The check will be accepted daily. The Bill coach Lex Ryan said that Watekins may not play the game against New York giants.

In addition to increasing public attention to Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the biggest challenge is the fundraising foundation. Fund sponsors of Paul and Debra have a son with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. As if they are trying to find possible treatments found that because the disease is too sick people, drug companies unprofitable, so do not want to spend too much money to develop drugs. Therefore, holding his son’s determination to help them, both of them set up a non-profit organization to raise funds to find drugs. They boundless enthusiasm and dedication to the cause of the highly infectious. When I met their son, Hawken Miller, I found out why.

In addition to the neck injury, Orro played the game in the end of the shoulders in the end of the season. Due to the cause of the team considered to be a neck injury, he missed the last game. He is placed in a list of injuries.

When the ball attack, the cutoffs will be used after the penetration, but because the defensive end and the speed of the wire must be very fast, it is generally difficult to control them in front of them. Once the defensive end, the army is about to be parallel with the truncation, the disappearance should be turned away immediately, push the other side to a deeper backfinder, at this time, the quadrant will also move forward, so that the disappearance can guarantee ourselves to defense Between players and quadrants.

Form’s career began in Philadelphia eagle, he had 24 first experience, in the 2015 season, he served as the first quarter-offs in St. Louis Ram, and then he was coach in the famous TV series “Tough Training Camp” Jeff Fisher’s solution.

The Red Champiarian Bruce-Alianz (Bruce Aria) revealed whether the team decided to arrange Brown before the start of the game. Alius emphasized that Brown lack some training before last week before the game of Pittsburgh, but finally he bought 10 times in the game, advancement of 196 yards.

When the running ball offensive, the truncation undoubtedly removes the defensive players in front, so that the farther the players who come to the ball. Because the defensive end and the speed is fast, the cutout must be hit when the running ball is blocked, otherwise it will miss the defensive player, causing the offensive to lose the code bad.

The cutoff is mainly facing defensive end and line guards. Both locations are players with a certain speed. Therefore, there must be relatively speeds to protect the quadrant and offensive for the running ball.

Children with Down’s muscular dystrophy and are in great difficulty doing daily struggle. This article would like to emphasize that this disease is promising to be cured. Lives of these children also can be saved. That’s what we’re doing.

He and teammate C. J. Mo. C. MOSLEY is one of the most potential young lines of the league. Caves ranked fifth in the ranks in the ranks in the ranks, the opponent’s ranking is ranked ninth, the opponent promotes the number of collections.

When I recently received the CBS interview, Falls said that he had had to retire, “Many people don’t know these, now I have to share it, because I think this is very important for me. I am in NFL. Some teams After staying, I thought of retirement. This is a year ago. At that time, I wanted to leave NFL, I met setback. At that time, I can’t even pick up the ball to prepare for 8 months, then at that time I have no enthusiasm for American football. “

Line Wences, Orr (Zach Orr) retired at the age of 24 due to congenital neck / spine. According to informed people, the crow knows that he has seen him with his thoughts after I know that Oll’s retirement intention.

The red rock Brown leg teach is injured, and the appearance is suspicious.Arizona’s red squats, John Brown, may not be able to play in this week’s Mosa Crow in Baltimore. According to the report of the relevant person, the Brown leg teach is injured, which led him to absent the training of local time on Friday, cheap jerseys from china and only a few parties were sold in training on Saturday.

The decision of Oruel retirement made the crow surprised, and he is considered one of the furious star players in the team. The crow is originally in the defensive group, there is already some vulnerabilities to fill, and the retirement of Orr will only increase the difficulty. Instead of a wire guard with such performance is not easy.

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