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Griffin told reporters: “I want to become the first player again. I am only 30 years old, and many quarters can always hit 40 years old. There is still a lot of time left, I can still chase, realize my dreams and goals. “

Li’s ESPN reporter said: “It is my pleasure to play for the cowboy. I am fortunate to work for the Jones family, and the great coach and I am like the brothers’ teammates. I love every minute of playing here. All contributions, helping teammates and teams won. “

Although it has been accompanied by Li, he has been accompanied by Li, but he can say one of the best lines of the alliance in health. In 2011 and 2015-2017, Li Zhaozhong ranked first. In the 2016 season, Li completed 22 times and creating a team history.

Shawn Richardson will return to Green Bay packagingSean Richardson is about to return to Green Bay packaging. Recently, Richardson and packaging are a contract for a 1 year worth 25.5 million US dollars.

This time to cancel is because of Newton’s foul behavior. This is listed as “illegal replacement” in the official record because the Newton will be invited to celebrate in the morning. The Black Panther has not been able to get an up to the 26 yards. However, in the subsequent attack, the black panther is still successful.

The current situation should look like this. Davis currently did not finally get a clear report of his brain volatile symptoms, he has continued to participate in training and there is no difficulties in this week. This Sunday will be his debut in the back of the Washington Red Termacer in 2 weeks ago.

Pony defensive general Davis Weekly returnThe Indiana pony is still a victory to occupy the name of the United States, and the good news is that their number one corner Vonte Davis will return to the game against the Houston Texas.

From a good one, if you will be canceled because of a stupid foul, it is best to happen in the preseason. Rivira said to learn from the lesson, and Newton also said that it would not make the same mistake.

Lightning first angular guard combination may be two-double lack of wild horsesOn Wednesday, NFL officially made a program of defensive coordinator John Pagano, San Diego lightning. In the show, Pagano issued its own point of view on how to restrict the Denver’s wild horse offensive group led by PEYTON Manning.

Pagano hopes to disrupt the rhythm of Manning in the game, but it is easy to do. Especially this week, Cheap Jerseys the first corner combination of lightning is very likely to be absent. Old Brandon Floves Brandon Flovers played a professional bowl level this season, but he has confirmed that it will not be able to appear in this week because of his brain shock. Another angular guard is the first round of this year’s lightning, Jason Verrett, which was previously seen by him as the best defending new show this year. He was temporarily listed as “doubt” because of his shoulder injury. Fletter plans to accept the shoulder check before the game, and the results will determine whether he can play.

In the first section of the first season, the first section of the first quarter, Carolina Black Leopard A.j. Krein (A.j. Klein) copied against Baldo and crowned and attack 95 yards to complete the reachable. But this time it was canceled.

Davis said in an interview with the ESPN network: “This brain shock is more serious than when our university is suffering, I don’t want this to happen to anyone, I watched the game, because I don’t remember the time happened What is. I am very sleep now, it is very uncomfortable all night. “

Last season, the corner of lightning is poor, and their efficiency value is in the union bottom. Perhaps this week Pasano will have to face this situation again. However, the optimistic fans put forward. Lightning in the 15th week of last season, Richard Marshall, and Sharis White, a combination of first angle guards, eventually defeated the wild horse in Thursday night.

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