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Cork was cut off this year’s 3.31, ended his eight-year career in Cincinnati. He finally played 6 games at the end of the season, 11.10 Due to the knee injury season reimbursement. He has sent 67 games in Tiger, completed 10 copies, 65 ruins, 302 times.

Since the abdominal injury still has no healing, Lynch is absent the team of all the training this week. Pete Carroll Nature hopes that Lynch can be played on the weekend, but he also admits the team needs to continue to observe the actual situation of the star running guard. Before last week, Linqi was also listed as “doubt” before the game of Arizona’s Red Spits last week. Although he still appeared, he only held 8 times, advanced 42 yards. It is worth mentioning that the Hawie’s team also tried the ground attack.

2021, 2023 drafts in Cleveland, Kansas City, respectively

Beijing May 23, US Time Wednesday, cheap nfl jerseys from china announced the address of 2021 and 2023. The Spring of the Joint League Cenine will receive the right of the 2021 election, and the Kansas City will organize the 2023 draft.

Redshit Signing Old Torn Guide – Cok Patrick

In order to find the candidate replaced by the injured corner Robert – Robert Alford, the rickets signed a year in Sunday and the old Horn Dere-Cork Patrick (DRE Kirkpatrick).

“I think he is an excellent player. He has completed many excellent achievements in this alliance, and we are very excited to sign him,” Kamhake said. “In these virtual conferences, I immediately attracted my attention. He is very sharp. He is very smart. He asked the right question. So he has experience, he has the ability, you have seen him to complete the long pass, he has outstanding The arm force. So there are many places that can be excited, we look forward to working with him. “

Saints plan to limit the workload of the first quadruple Drew Brees in training, ensuring that his arms can get a full rest while ensuring Winston and another four-dimensional Taisham Taysom Hill can have a chance to train together with a starting lineup.

This season, Lynch has repeatedly absented that the team training, his injury problem became the main reason impact he played. Relevant persons believe that although Linqi cannot participate in training in Week, he still has a big possibility in the weekend. Just when he can play a few skills, it is still unknown.

Gilbert was selected by the first round of the first round of 2014. However, due to immature performance and the lack of progressive will, he is very disappointed in Brown performance. In the end Brown traders him to the Pittsburgh steel man. Gilbert was a 12 game for steel people, mainly as a team player, and he completed 3 times a kickback to get 69 yards.

Saints Offense Coach: Sixty-point Wei Jie Misi – Winston is a smart player

Jameis Winston has not had a chance to show his strength to the New Orleans Saints in the training ground this year, but he has given the team’s attack coordinator Pitt-Carmichael (Pete Carmichael) I left a good impression.

Mustang main running guards are expected to come back

According to the Denver Post, the Maka team mainly runs the Mundi-Ball (Montee Ball) has now returned to the training, Bal himself and wild horses main coach John Fox (Jonhn Fox) against him The situation has been explained.

Since the NFL starts a year, Cleveland will be the sixth different place of land. In 1965-2014, the election has been held in New York, 2015, 2016 to Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, to host 2017,2018 draft.

Lin Qi is difficult, cheap Nfl jerseys from china and this week will be suspected.

In the newly released injury list of Seattle Hawks, MARSHAWN LYNCH is again listed as “doubt”. This means that he is only 50% of the possibilities that can be played in the 49 people in San Francisco this week.

Bauer is still not formal, but his recovery is still very optimistic. “At present, I feel that I am very healthy, the core power is also very good. I all depends on my body, I have to step by step”, Ball said, “When you see I re-put the protective gear I am really ready to come out. ” Currently, it is still the goal of Bauer before the end of the episode. However, the head coach Fox believes that if Ball needs more time to rehabilitate, he is completely unnecessary. Fox said in an interview on Saturday, “This is dependent on the situation. Last year, he played a lot of competitions, and the break is also, I have enough understanding him.”

In less than two months, Gilbert was banned from four games due to violation of the banned drug use, but the former first round show will now be violated by the ban on banned drugs, Roger, Gudel (Roger Goodell) Forbidden for 1 year. According to reports in 2018, Gilbert must be applied to restore the appearance.

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