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It is reported that local residents are very opposed to the construction plan, and in fact the jet training field is nearly miles from Morriston Airport. At present, the jet has not yet given a specific construction time.

Beijing time on September 17, 8:20, US East Time Sunday Sunday, September 16th, 8:20, the second week of the regular season, the Sunday, the Sunday, the Sunday of Dallas AT & AMP; T Stadium (AT & AMP; T stadium). Dallas denim hosted the Warring States United East District dead Enemy New York Giants. In the first week of competition, cowboy and giants are of their respective opponents, so this game is critical to the two teams. In addition, last season 3 wins and 13 giants were killed by cowboy, and this game giants strive to revenge.

After sending a fifth round of draft as a transaction chip, Viking is expecting Videvik to be able to be played as a player. But Videvik missed 43 yards and 54 yodi. However, he completed the 2 time of the additional shot.

The 14th team of the Ministry of Defense and cheap Nfl jerseys from china in 2011 to 2104 reached a cooperative contract of 5.4 million US dollars. He received a lot of questions during this period. People questioned money, and how much is not used on the court instead of recruiting recruits On, this 723,000 dollar is part of the payment.

Black Leopard Olsen opposes explaining that there will be extra advantagesViking This week, I was difficult to talk to the race of the race this week, and the black panther’s close-end Greg Olsen was difficult to think that he can learn a lot through explanation, and transfers these knowledge to the Black Leopard. Let them achieve additional advantages in the next game.

Marioa is a fifth part of the fifth part of the four-point guard, which is the 13th season of the four-point guard. During this time, the only two-winning non-quadruped player 2009 from the University of Alabama, Mark Ingram and Bush.

Goodel wrote to this letter: “Part of the funds is to recruit recruits advertising and the military market promotion. The part of the audit is indeed not included in the contract, but the part of the contract is 100% completed, in the past 4 The season is used in the army rather than the recruitment of recruits, and the audit believes that we have 723,734 dollars in the past four years. This is what our taxpayer needs to be corrected. To ensure the activities of the army The independence in future recruitment activities, we will re-confirm the relevant contracts of the Market Cooperation Program with the Ministry of Defense. “

However, Olsen I didn’t participate in any training or meeting for Viking. Although there will be Fox Sports in the meeting, Olsen said: “If you accidentally disclose to explain people, this iron is your pot.” He doesn’t think hello Participate in the ball of the game to learn more.

Viking people new players 2 times any ball shot failed to make coach worryOn August 25th, the Minnesota Viking is a player / abandonment of Kaare Vedvik from Baltimore, and they feel that the problem of playing the game can be resolved. However, at least there is currently yet.

Other final candidates are the Wisconsin University running Weve Melvin Gordon & mdash; & mdash; more than one university football bowl series (FBS) players reach 2000 yards in the rushing offices & mdash; & mdash; Amari cooper, take over Amari Cooper and Amari Cooper.

Marioa is the first Oregon University player who won the award. He is also the first award-winning Parker Twelve Alliance (PAC-12) player since the University of California University, 2005 (Bush’s Wedding Association, also called Parker Ten Alliance, and Bush NCAA regulations subsequently returned the trophy).

Mario Taga has achieved a total of 53 times in the season (38 passes to reach the ball, 14 sho to reach, 1 time to catch up), this is more than the 94th team’s 2014 season single season . He passed the 3773 yard 38 times, and the 669 yard of the squat was 14 times. He has achieved at least 4 times in 10 games this season, and 4 games have been achieved by at least 5 times. On January 1 he will lead the Oregon University in the college football semi-finals in the rose bowl in the rose bowl. This game is the midth of the two Hsman award winners, and Florida State University is led by Jameis Winston, which last year Herosmann.

In the first week of the winners, Mario Tag has won a series of awards. He was previously awarded Maxwell Award and Walter Camp Award, and two awards were awarded the national top university rugby players, as well as David O’Brien Award (Davey O & # 39; Brien Award), this award awards the national top university football quarterfield. Interestingly, Marioa is the second player who wins the Hsman award on the 8th jersey, and the first winner of the 8th jersey? It is O’Brien, and he won the award when Texas Christian University was in 1938.

Oregon University 4-point Wei Mario Tag wins HesmannSaturday night, the Hesman award winner of the best player of the university rugby is announced. The four-point Swan Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Mariota from the University of Oregon.

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