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San Francisco 49 people constantly reading the history of the team this year, but the super bowl is the only pursuit in the hundred years; the green bay package has been unique nine years, this season is another great window. Even if there is no meeting of this regular season, the two teams will meet late soon. Who is real gold, and the fire is known.

Manning’s team firmly believes that Manning is the most suitable for giants, he can stay calm down on the game, this qualification is fitted with the needs of the giant. On the other hand, if the giant decides to use the privilege label in Manning in 2016, they will pay at least $ 25 million. Rivers’ latest contract has a certain reference value, and the next negotiations will be progressing in this direction.

US Time Wednesday, 12 children selected by the Child Protection Organization are taken to Houston’s toy city, they are given for 80 seconds to choose toys they want to buy, and each child has a Texas people’s cheerleading member accompanying Finally, the bill will be made by Johnson.

49 people sitting at home have been suffering from extremely serious injuries. This round is just Joe Staley and DEE FORD’s lack of attack and defense. The team is huge. Advance needs to be adjusted by Justin Skule and Alik Armstead. In terms of packaging work, after a week, the team will come to kick the museum in a more spiritual look, and more healthy devards – Adams may end to break your score?

The Green Bay packaging team four points 阿 阿 rodgers, of course, will not be ourselood. According to ESPN, Rogers sent a Christmas gift 55-inch TV to every offensive front line player on Christmas Eve.

Former Texas people’s star flower 19,000 US dollars to buy toys for poor childrenOnce Houston Texas people, Deli Johnson, retired in October, ended their 14-year career, but he did not forget to continue to help the weak.

Knee into hidden dangers Miles-Jack candidate market may declineFormer California University Los Angeles Separate line Wei Myles Jack once considered to be selected in the first five times in this year’s draft. But because of the medical report on the right knee, he may make him face the draft market.

This season, his career entered the third year of the Turbus foundation (175.6 yards) and the pacific push propeller (5.6 yards) all in the alliance ranking, his pass reached (9 times) ranked 26th. Since the eighth week, the bears have been 14.3 points, ranked 30th in the Alliance.

[Pre-match] Twelfth Week Round: San Francisco 49 people vs Green Bay PackagingSunday, the Sunday game will be launched by the current National Union, and the league temporary adjustment schedule is to send this visual feast to the fan.

Elays Manning hopes to become the highest income playerBen Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers have renewed, as the team’s renewal, as another quadrant of the 2004, New York Giants, core Ilai Manning (ELI Manning also hopes to sign a big contract.

Maybe the same bad giant defense against the season is a good thing for Tusbuski, he can take this back to the right track. But if he continues to decline, the hips injury may be the least need to worry about the bear team.

According to NFL official website reporters, the giants hope to agree with Manning before the beginning of the season, but the current two sides still have a small difference in contractual amounts. According to reports, both sides will not be retired, Manning hopes that they can become the highest income in the alliance. At present, in the alliance, the highest income is the four-dimensional Aaron Rodgers. Manning is not one of the best five quarters in the alliance, so his request is indeed unconventional.

If the bone and cartilage are completely separated, Jack will reconnect surgery, which will lead to his absence. A possible choice is minimally invasive surgery, but the team also discussed other options.

Both the defensive group of the two teams under the high-quality row, with high pressure second-line opponents. In terms of offensive, there will always be a hot running guard in the pavement. In the case of an enemy, the quarter-saving is the protagonist. Jimmy Garoppolo “richness insurance” playing requires external work together and the guarantee of hand, is 49 people winning “X factors”. For a starting experience than Baker Mayfield (Baker Mayfield), Gallo Pubo is already excellent, but he is facing a more stable, more experienced, more exploded. Front MVP. Galloppo is probably not only by the California people “teach four-point guard”, but also to withstand the ventilation of the past.

The Chicago Xiong four-point guard on Friday again participated in the training, which means that he has participated in the training of the whole season after the hips injury in the game. It did not listed as injured in the final injury report of the Bear Team.

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