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Quarter Best Rubski: Still thinking that the bear team is your own team

Obviously, the location of Mitchell Trubisky is not stable.

Chicago Bear has been traded in this year’s offers a Jacksonville, wholesale jerseys from china Nick Foles. If the team has an outstanding first quarter-off, they certainly do not have to make a transaction decision.

Tusseki knows that Falls will join the team after entering the team. He knows that the team needs an excellent first quarter-off, but he did not play such performance last season. However, this transaction did not let him disappoint, but the opposite made him more fighting.

“This is very interesting to me, but the line we are in this way,” said Trousbus Si. “How much I feel that there is anger, of course, is a positive thing. I have a powerful power since I ended last season. I didn’t do it last season. We have many goals that have not been completed. But I am excited about this year. I think this will be a very good competition. Falls also had ups and downs, so he talked with him after joining the team. I feel very good. I know that we will encourage each other, but I still feel This is my team. “

“I am excited about competition, and I have to show my ability to meet my team with my teammates and how hard I work hard in this year’s break, helping the bear team feel excited in the new season.”

Tusbuski may help the team to win through the field, and cheap nfl jerseys he may also help the team win through the performance of the field and training ground. In any case, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he can have a chance to contribute, but the two roles are still very different.

The manifestation of Tusabi in the training camp will determine if he can serve. He feels that because of the team’s offensive system, he has taken the opportunity in the competition. But if he really can see it for more than a month.

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