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Wolf got a four-year contract in front of the game, then played the rule performance in the competition of the strait Pittsburgh. He will become a key player in the next game, and it is necessary to press the quarter-saving protection network and rush to Braddy.

Wilson: I always sleep very well before the game.

Seattle Hawks of the Seattle Hawks must know that the team’s four-point Wilson is not long on weekdays. His favorite tweet label is “no time to sleep.” Wilson revealed in the interview on Thursday, sleeping less, only one night before the game, there is a different sleep mode. Wilson said: “Saturday night, I always slept like a stone. Generally, I will sleep 10 to 12 hours. This can make me energetic in Sunday’s game, this is very effective, maybe and I usually Well sleep less. “

Of course, Sanchez and Shaw are unlikely to serve as the starting quarterback at the start of the season, so this change at the quarterback position will not have much effect. Currently starting position belongs to Mike – Mike Glennon (Mike Glennon), if he performed very badly in the preseason, then Mitchell – Bisi Ji Chu (Mitchell Trubisky) will be a starter.

The same name and different journalists who laughing, Mike Wallace is seen as a burden the team has not the first time. He can still pose a threat in the deep zone, but pay to see him do a complete enough to see, and the main quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is no chemical reaction. The first cut is also possible to find at home, but if two consecutive seasons is cut, Wallace who can be marked with “hopeless” label of.

Peppers should be cut or not to say, he only mentioned here to illustrate a play fifteen seasons veterans can take more than 10 million contracts how not easy. Peppers is a monster, as he rushed setter and anti-runners are still great value.

Wild horses defensive end Wolf: hate everything about the patriot

Denver Musk, Denver, Derek Wolfe, does not intend to hide his feelings for the new England patriots before the United States championship.

Lightning replacement runs Ostin Ekeler and Justin Jackson played excellent play in the preseason. Despite the threat to change the dismissal to a regular season, Gordon’s negotiation chip did not increase.

Regarding how to allocate energy in training and competition, Wilson smiled: “I don’t know this kind of sleep mode is not a small skill, but I am always used by me. I learned how to put it full when I am not sleep Training, this will make me more expressive when I am energetic. “Wilson decided to run this way throughout season,” I have exercised such a sleep method, maybe it is crazy, but I still stick to it. Some time less than a weekday. It is enough for more than 5 to 6 hours. “

In 2015, 10 games were transferred 12 times, and this season was 15, especially in the last six games. His career passed the total number of passes and the proportion of passing the proportion of the ball is only 3%. In 2014, Frak’s income is the fourth place in the Alliance, at the end of this season, the team’s general coach John Hubble (John Harbaugh) also said that Flak needs to be in line with his income.

In 2019, the salary reached a $ 5.6 million Gordon wanted a contract that was similar to the value of the main run. However, he must report to the team at a moment of the new season, otherwise his contract with the lightning will be extended again. He may be fined by the team due to absent training and presenter.

Lightning Run Gordon: If you receive a satisfactory quotation phone, you will end the dismissive

Beijing August 21 If Melvin Gordon is able to receive a call that reports good news, he will end the dismissive.

Perhaps his uncomfortable feels in his performance. In the twelfth week of the wild horse, Wolf completed the best performance in the season, Kristensimon.Com achieved 9 cockroaches, and the number of lost codes and 1 time.

This offseason to join the Bears Mark – Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) Training in Tuesday’s off-season knee injury. He is expected to miss the rest of the offseason minicamp and training, but should be able to be ready for training camp.

National League most likely to be cut of 31 players

AP inventoried most likely to be cut players, let’s look into the League of Nations. National League aspects of the big players in the American League is better and more, but no less non-point.

Originally Bears quarterback Connor ready to give up on Tuesday – Shaw (Connor Shaw) is to sign wide receiver Victor – Cruz (Victor Cruz) to make room. In fact, before Sanchez injured Bears have renounced Shaw, but they had to withdraw this decision. Shaw will continue to receive training opportunities when Sanchez absent.

Lions hope to continue to play Megatron, but this will be much more difficult than before renewal. Johnson occupy 24 million of cap space, of which 16 million will not be saved even if they are cut. Lion in front of the options: A Megatron to accept a substantial pay cut contract; Bob Quinn B. Lions general manager had not even determine whether a contract next season, the players continue to play.

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