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The first question after Kelly took over 49 people is the future of Quin Kaepernick. 49 people have seen will definitely be with this quarter-defense with this season, but maybe Kelly can convince the team to let Karenik are new and perform well in his fast offensive system. . In fact, Kelly is exposed to Cape Nick when taking the eagle.

Read “American show” common sense necessaryBeijing firecrackers February 8 morning, Monkey New Year’s Eve just stop, across the Atlantic, “American Spring Festival” Founding loud, 50th Nfl Jerseys Super Bowl in San Francisco opened sky, both games are the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, my country’s more than 10 media will be broadcast live before the audience what information is necessary to understand it?

Hayward has entered the final year of the contract, he said that both sides have conducted some initial discussions, but there is no negotiation for some time. Although this did not change his wish that he wanted to leave, Hayward said that he was ready for the end of the result.

This older approaching 13 years of career is effective in San Diego lightning, according to San Diego media reports, when Gates is about to be free players, the lightning plan will meet the Broker of Gates next week. Both sides may negotiate a new contract, or a negotiation framework for new contracts.

Manning – Brady opponents play a lot of media are considered the best individual sports history collide, Manning at the 17th may be the last time the two had played games against the caution, came two touchdowns, a distance of 200 code, also demonstrated his ability to control the key to the game to the people.

Since 1993, Michael & middot; after Jackson moonwalk to conquer the earth with people, the Super Bowl has always been the world’s top midfield show singers stage, generation after generation star scrambling to come here.

At 49 people, Kelly will not have such power, and General BAALKE will be responsible for these transactions. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople said that Kelly is willing to accept no personnel control, but also said that Kelly “learned the lesson in the eagle” and will focus on coaching.

In the sixth week of competition, Edelman lost twice to catch a ball, and he went 449 yards in the past five games to contributed 4 to the 449 yards. On Sunday, Edelman will face Darrelle Revis, 2013 Edelman’s time to complete 7 games, and advanced 44 yards.

Steelman defensive end Haiver: Want to stay, but also prepare for the passing teamPittsburgh Stebeston’s Defensive Demond Melon – Hayward (Cameron Heyward) said that he would be very willing to renew in the team, but the negotiation of the negotiation has never truly launched.

Lightning has 4 neighborhoods & mdash; & mdash; Gates, Ladarius Green, John Phillips and David – Johnson (David Johnson) & mdash; & mdash; in the free player market The contract is coming soon. If Gates and the huge Green Both Green are not surprised to return to lightning next season.

Hayward was selected for a while in the last season, this is the second time he won this honor for the second time. He obtained 83 hugs last season, 9 kills, once forced the ball and grab the ball right.

“According to our imagination, it is possible to complete the renewal, but imagine & mdash; & mdash; I will always use this word: If you want to think, you look like a silly thinking,” Hayward said in an interview. “I need to prepare for two results. I want to stay here in the rest of my career, I think I can continue to dedicate high-level performance many years.”

Mustang regular season can be used to describe the ups and downs, faced the biggest challenge after the first half winning streak, headed quarterback Peyton & middot; Manning injury break, the young Aosihuaile stepped in last-minute win over instigated the attack Patriots, Broncos keep the top seed for the seat.

Breddy has recently joked: “Yes, this whole week I didn’t talk to him, just as I know, I am very angry with him.” Braddy explained: “He is great, he is a quarter Wei is now a great external hand. These things happened, he has completed so much great ball and running, I love him, this is his respect for this team, let us look forward to his Sunday Performance. “

After lending the eagle to win the season, after 2015, after winning the personnel control from the management, Kelly was collapsed at the eagle’s coaching career. The players who have become headlines at the time were finally declared failure, including transactions who lesen McCoy, LESEAN MCCOY, and signed Demarco Murray.

Carolina Black Leopard announced that it will sign the outside of the Tommyne Lewis. Lewis used to be a new four-point guarded Teddy Bridgewater in New Orleans. Lewis was cut off by Detroit Lion before the start of the season, and he participated in the XFL competition in the spring of this year. The black panther also announced a signing of Marken Michel and near-Duan Andrew Vollert.

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