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“He looks very good,” Ben said, “I like Teddy’s firm, you can feel that he is talking to playing with him, and his efforts to achieve goals are also admired. He already had a big thoughts, I think he can return to the game soon. “

Teddy – Briguwater recovery is good

On June 16th, I have been in a serious knee injury. After 10 months, Viking Teddy Bridgewater has not been exact return time. However, his offensive front line member believes that his four-guard will definitely go back to the court.

Russell Wilson also said: “We didn’t open such a meeting, we discussed how to reproduce glory. I once feel that we are no longer our previous, but now, whether it is What is the reason, I think we are back. “

To the fourth quarter despite drastic changes everything, pony opening did not take long punt once, let Steelers running back Andre Hastings hand to complete a half-run ball, but the Steelers offensive group has missed this opened the score Chance. Hands the ball back to the pony, Harbaugh seized the opportunity, a long pass 47 yards, wide receiver Floyd Turner touchdowns, the game leading the pony for cheap Jerseys the first time, 16 to 13, after the Steelers had to attack weak punt, then the Steelers defense group created once off the ball but did not get the ball, and the colt’s strong attack in front of the Steelers defense is also no way, the ball once again returned to the Steelers offensive team on hand at this time game time is only 3:03.

The sea eagle retrieves the state, I hope to reproduce the glory last season.

Seattle Hawks, Doug Baldwin revealed that the team held a internal meeting before the game, the players and coaches believed that the team needs to find the feeling of the past, this feeling is not just the body. The top, is also spiritual. This week, the Hawks were defeated by 19-3 to defeat the National Leader Le Le Le Le Le La Lili. It seems that the meeting has played a certain effect.

Pedimentation: Cousins ​​will become an excellent quartz.

Washington’s red skin is currently not added, and the team has lost 4 games in the bottom of the country. In the last week, 20-30 lost in Arizona, the third-grade quadrant was copied in the fourth quarter 3 times in the fourth quarter. In a total of 18 games in the career, Cossonus completed 18 times of passing, but also 18 times of copying and 5 times. In the past two seasons, the competition of his first fierce ended the end.

Signola said: “Just like this morning, public security facilities in the western New York takes a period of time to recover from snow disaster. We have communicated with the team and the Red Cross on the resources available to the alliance to communicate This snow disaster will be made by CBS to make the fans in New York and Buffalo areas to see. This can be played on Sunday, but considering that the Bill team has not been trained this week, it will postpone the game. By Monday night. The training facility of the Lion Team will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. “

On Monday night, the ball ticket and related competition information will be announced later. The alliance will also arrange relevant work as soon as possible to release the relevant work to the public.

Although Cossonus protects the ball’s ability to be ill, he still has received support from teammates. The speech is the team star, Pierre Gar & Ccedil; ON. Pixabay, in terms of ESPN interviews on Tuesday: “We are very confident to him, he is very young, but it is already very good. What he has to do is to continue to accumulate experience. Although he has encountered a lot of difficulties, But when he overcomes difficulties, it will become a top quarter-off. “

Jet, the original Brown team angle Weskin

The New York Jetinal finally took a corner to play in the free player market. According to NFL’s famous media, Ian Rapoport reported on Tuesday, the team signed Bastkline.

The new coach of the jet machine Todd Bowles requires that the angle guards are more oppressed, and Skin’s ability can be satisfied, but he can not only compete for the defense on the left and right sides, but also Take on some inside defensive pressure, which will have a lot of help in impact quadruption.

NFL spokesman Michael Signora announced on Thursday that due to the weather impact of public lighting facilities in Western New York, considering public security issues, the Buffalo Bill team and the New York jet machine team will be arranged in eastern United States. Time Monday night, the location is the home of the Detroum lion.

Although Coss doesn’t have to worry about replacing Coft McCoy, the team is already in the team, when Robert Griffin III returned, Cousins ​​will Have to return to the tension. At present, Griffin has begun to train, and there is not much time for Cousins.

Baldwin said: “We need to find something we have lost, this has a subtle change. In today’s game, we re-found the feeling. In the game, we believe in every teammate, respect each teammate. We played the counter, we all understand that he must regain the feeling. “Baldwen believes that several core players in the team will lead the team to continue.

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