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Suspected ankle injury, Washing, the sky, can not play

Jim Caldwell, Seattle Seahawks jerseys free shipping the main coach, Jim Caldwell, listened to the unsuccessful Calvin Johnson, is necessary to rest this weekend. Johnson is not ready to accept this fate.

According to the Detroit Freedom News, Johnson told reporters on Wednesday that he would like to play in the game of Lions on Sunday, the game of Minnesota. Johnson has been dragged due to the high torque of the ankle in recent weeks. In the game, the Lion is expected to be in Buffalo, cheap jerseys for sale he has to leave the game after the third festival is hit.

The official website of the lion is asked about how Johnson can enable him to participate in the game of Weijing. “A lot of treatment,” he replied. Johnson also said that he is not depressed in the lionial attack in the lion offense cheap jerseys for sale the NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPople. In fact, Johnson may always be used before his ankle allows him to reach the previous explosive force.

It is not possible to completely restore & mdash; & mdash; you can expect him to take some rest this weekend.

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