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The second phase of the NFL waist flag trainer, the referee training class began to register

The first phase of the NFL Flag rugby coach, the referee certification training course has successfully come to an end. Training in three days and two nights not only improved the level of coaching in the national waist flag, which normally made the referee’s penalty standards, but also made the football in a deep exchange, and promoted the 2017 new wall flag football movement. Popularization and development.

The two teams currently have the best records of the two teams. After facing the defensive group of Danfo Wild Horse, Atlantan Falcon has once again face a difficult hard bone. The first thing to taste the Hawks and defense group is the Falcon, Matt Ryan, who was killed in the red area of ​​this manner and dropped the ball, and the ball was rushed back by the Hawks. Sea Eagle runs to Kristen-Michael, then complete the 9-yard ball reachable. Until the second section of the Falcon got the score opportunity, they got 3 points by any racket. After the falcon scored, the Hawks opened the leading advantage. They rely on the short pass and the rush to the Falcon 2 yard line, and Collins then completed the 2 yards. At the end of the half, the sea eagle completed a random range of shooting, leading 17-3. However, the first half of the Falcon offensive group finally found the feel, Liene passed to the top of the top, Julio Jones, obtained 36 yards. In the second wave of attack, Lenni is short to find click the next internet page outer hand, Mohamed Sanu, complete 10 yards. Falcon quickly chasing the score. In contrast, the sea eagle offensive is in trouble. Before the end of the third section, the falcon who started attack from the 3 yards of this code relied on Ryan’s continuous pass to the vicinity of the half, and eventually passed by Ryan to the music – Toyolo (Levine Toil) completed 46 yards . The Hawn Eagle offensive group finally recovered, and they had the opportunity to close the score, but 29 yards played without success. However, in the end, they still got up to the next attack, running Weikel got this personal second mushroom to reach, but the Hawks of the Hawks were blocked by the Falcon cover. Falcon, which is still holding a leader, has made mistakes, and the passage of Ryan was clarified in this half of the Earl Tomas. The initiative came to the Haiying hand, they slowly advanced to the Falcon 26 code line and completed the shot against the ratio. There are still 1 minute and 57 seconds restriction in the game, there is still a chance to complete the winning attack. However, the passage of the four consecutive stress was destroyed by the Haiying player. When the last passed the ball, the top hand of the ball was responsible for the ball, Jones, who was defended by Haiying, Richard Sherman, but The referee did not represent. Falcon Dan Dan QUINN is full of anger, but this cannot change the results of the game. The final Haiying 26-24 defeats falcon. The Haiying quartz shower 37 passed 25 times successfully 270 yards. Run Weekole 18 shohed 64 yards 2 times. Falcon quad-shock 42 times passed 27 times successfully achieved 335 yards 3 times reached 1 time passed. External handle Jones 7 times a 139 yards of 1 time.

Dolphins are interested in Wilson during the 2020 show, willing to use two rounds to sign it. Wilson and Dolphin coach Brian Floris came from the same high school, and Solomon Kindley, Solomon Kindley came from the same university. These interpersonal relationships may allow Wilson’s performance in dolphins.

Breddy told ESPN reporter: “I don’t like this, this makes me feel very weird, I need to go with my own people, when Julian Edelman completes the ball, I need to hold him This feels true. I used Green Bay packaging workers, because I like this offensive group, I have used Seattle Hawks because I like the defensive group. “

At the same time, some experts said that even if the injured players heal before the game, they may also be in depth with the game, with the increase of the number of collisions, recurrence. The injury will affect the status of a player’s competition and performance. At present, the Habili has not updated the injuries of money, and we will keep this attention.

Now, Pites knows that if he enhances his performance, there will be a team to give him a big contract next year. “The only thing I can do is to come to the team to do my work, try my best to become the best teammates, I am going to be able to become the best strange, the rest will be water,” Pites said. “I am not too worried about it.”

Titan will take the first round of Xiu Aisia – Wilson to the dolphins

US Time Monday, according to ESPN reporters, Titan agreed to take the first year of the first round of Show to attack the Diassia – Wilson (ISAIAH Wilson) and 2022 roundabout transactions to the dolphins, in exchange for the other party 2021 seven rounds.

Sea Eagle Safety Sbleler is injured in the knee in training

Seattle Hawks is a brilliant second line that has been injured recently. On the local time, the team’s countdown second training, the Hawks received a bad rest. Kam Chambellor is hurt in the final stage of training. According to relevant media reports, Qusler left knees injured, and the team also confirmed this in the injury report.

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