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Super Bowl I ring sold for $ 120,000

Jerry – Kramer (Jerry Kramer) first Super Bowl championship ring and a Super Bowl ring auction record is not a record, but created some other records. The former Green Bay Packers offensive ring Saturday in front of a sold auction 125,475 US dollars of high prices. This is the first to shoot a six-figure Packers related items, over 2011 to US $ 80,662.5 traded Dan – Hartson (Don Hutson) game jersey.

Although Kramer has been a household name and is the first Super Bowl championship rings, but this Super Bowl ring from the auction record price still falls far short. Former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence – Taylor (Lawrence Taylor) is the twenty-fifth Super Bowl ring in 2012, sold for a record high of 230,401 US dollars, the former Chicago Bears defensive front – William Perry (William Perry) the twentieth Super Bowl ring in 2015, sold for $ 203,150. Previously only two Super Bowl I ring appeared on the market, before the offensive front Steve – White (Steve Wright) ring sold for $ 73,409 in 2011, linebacker Ray – Ni Qike (Ray Nitschke) at an unknown price was bought by a private buyer.

This ring is one of the items to be auctioned Kramer of more than fifty, including his first session wore on Super Bowl jersey sold for $ 45410, Kramer has also been invited to participate in Saturday auction. “He can be pretty cool,” said the head of the auction, “auction today one of our biggest buyer, is a senior baseball collectors, but a few minutes before the speech Kramer in the auction, let the auction has never been impressive rugby collection of buyers and Kramer took several items. “

Kramer hope to use the auction for about $ 350,000 of the proceeds to set up an education trust fund.

Among the many items, the most notable of five & mdash; & mdash; the first Super Bowl ring, the Super Bowl Jersey, 1965 wholesale nfl jerseys outlet championship ring in 1962 wholesale nfl jerseys championship watch the mid-1960s a game jersey & mdash; & mdash ; a total sale of $ 265,290. “We are very pleased with the results of this auction,” said the director, “This is the Green Bay Packers out of the highest auction price of a single product.”

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