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Norv Turner said: “I didn’t see his state decline from the performance of the training camp. His outbreak is still good, and it can still break through the running ball, we all Looking forward to his performance on the field. “

“Strong side line guards are a very important location in our defensive system. But now there are too many time to fight five-point guard, and there are only two lines left on the field. We hope that Jay is able to adapt to these conditions.”

wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople reported last month report that the Hawks want Owen to fulfill its own rookie contract, if he can achieve a higher level, they may give him a long . If the Hawow chooses to perform his fifth year contract, Owen has earned nearly $ 7 million in 2016.

In the case where Le & Rsquo; Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant, Brown leads to Markus Wheaton, Daxi-Sea Darrius Heyward-Bey and the old Hes Miller forms a team of teams. In the end, Brown completed 9 battles and promoted 133 yords with a 1 time. At the last moment, he completed 11 yards to pick up augmentation, showing its own strength. Unfortunately, the time left to the steel man is not enough to defeat.

This game, defensive Brown is a super bowl of hero Marcm-Butler. However, whether he is not able to compare with Brown, both at the speed. In the midst of two people, Brown became a ball goal 10 times, and only missed a ball. Brown’s performance is impeccable, or the team is missing 2 times, and the ending may vary.

In the past two years, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Ma Shawn Lynch, these players after MARSHAWNCH Schneider and his management are carefully managed in wage capabilities to deal with the next wave of free players.

On Saturday, the Haiying’s first round show players changed the wind when they participated in a football training camp. “My contract has another year. I want to stay in Seattle. This team gave me a chance when other teams didn’t look at me. Many people told me that I can’t become the first round show, but Pitt ( Pete Carroll) and John Schneider chose me, so as I said, I want to stay here, but I have to have a good performance in the game, I have begun to train, I have to debut and under the game Complete the best year in our career season. “

Cowboy player Jay-Smith will change the strong side guard

After Byron Jones, the cowboy has a defensive player to adapt to the new location. According to reports, Jaylon Smith will strike a strong sideline guard from the midline.

Smith last season is the second multi-line guard in the team, and the number of defensive files in the scene exceeds 55%. This is more than expected for players who have just returned from serious knees.

Haiying line Wei Wen: Want to stay in Seattle

During the two weeks of last month, Seattle Hawks refused to perform the fifth annihier of Bruce Irvin, and this line guard was reported to say that he would want to be Atlantan Falcon in 2016. Treatment.

Briscation talks about Garaham trading: very shocked

Considering the first teammate, sipi-india.Com the near-end-end-ended mans, the first time, the first time, the first time, the first time after being traded, was uploaded. The photo of the close-end front jersey, then his first public commentary is the shocking situation, it is not unexpected.

The professional bowl quarter-off also denied the trading rumors of concern, said he wants to retire in the saints. “I really don’t want to pay attention to these rumors at all,” Bris said. “Now I am in the family. People will come over. People will come over to me, & lsquo; I heard that you have to be traded to Tampa Bay pirate, & rsquo; then I will say, & lsquo; good That’s good. & Rsquo; I am very close to everyone in the team, if anything is happening, if there is any true information, I know what I will hear from them. “

The former West Virginia’s star in the sea eagle has always been a stable player, but he is not the best line guard in the team. The title of the best line is a low-key leader Babbi – Bobby Wagner, the latter and the Quasle Wilson wait for a large salary.

Thomas injured on the attack of the Saint

Pierre Thomas is the latest victim of the New Orleans Saint Team recently attack players. Although the Saint team is in the depth of the running guard, there is no role in replacing Thomas in the pass attack.

“We liked his ability to show,” Jason Garrett, “Jason Garrett,” His faction is very important, I think his physical condition will become better and better, he will also Learn from your own experience. His skills are diverse, and what location can be competent. What I want to do is to give him a successful opportunity. “

However, Captt exposed the problem of unstable, and he had a getting down and had a fall in 19 times in 19 times. And the good news is in the past two games, Kaidi has got a positive score on the ball. He will continue to work hard to make up for the team’s loss of Thomas.

The first battle is lost, the external hand Brown is still shining

Although the first game was lost, the Pittsburgh steelman still found a promising positive factor, and the external player Antonio Brown continued the state of the last season, and it was still shining in this rainy night. In the past 34 games, Brown has completed at least 5 batches, and advanced 50 yards. In this game, he got this data in the first half.

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