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After the twints, Eliore wrote: “My broker is just confirming the news, and the news has been written at the time. The reporters are playing my broker on one morning.” “My broker is not a person disclosed.”

Cowboy Run WeiloTe is dissatisfied with the diagnosis

After the positive news of Deni and Texas Multi-player new crown virus, Ezekiel Elliott became the first player of “some name”. But he is very dissatisfied with the news.

When I was interviewed on Thursday, I had a reporter asked Lake, and the Warrior Pioneer Ket Durant (Kevin Durant) took the finals of the finals, and the result of worshiping the deterioration of the team decided.

After the recombination contract, Brown will get $ 6.25 million in 2016 and http://dinsk-okna.Ru/ get 8.71 million in the 2017 season. If Brown continues the strength of the last season, he has a reason to ask a question that matches his performance during the next course.

Miller currently ranked first in the union at 8 times, and Wil was second with seven times (5 people also got 7 kills). Their 15 kills they have achieved were now more than 17 nfl jerseys teams. According to Denver Mail News, Will predict that the total number of killed killed in the racing period can be more than 1 NFL team, and they have set at least at least 32 goals of 32 times. “For me and Feng,” Why don’t we get the number of murderous kiliers like 1 team team & rsquo; it is a great goal, “Will said. “This is the goal we have to do. We played a good performance in the game, but we have to continue this momentum in this week, and the next game.” They only had a goal to successfully develop.

The steel man is a brown restructuring contract, saving it salary

Julio Jones and Dez Bryant are not the only one you can get more salary, Pittsburgh Stebby Star Antonio Brown will also get the team’s reward. . NFL official website reporter reported that steel people announced on Tuesday in local time to pay $ 2 million in 2015 season.

The steel man plans to turn some basic salary of the Brown Original Contract to the Signing Bonus of the 2015 season, which will help the star take over to get 8 million US dollars this season. In addition, steel people also restructuring the contracts of near-end Heath Miller and Kickshawham Subisham.

Hardy said in recent interviews that he would make Jones feel happy, he said: “What I do now is to make Jones happy, because this opportunity is he gives me.” Last season, because of the riot of domestic violations, 15 The game, this year he was once again banned 10 games, it is reported that the final ban decision may be 2-6 games.

Briton and Johnson were injured in the game of New York jet last week, Brandon ankles and knees were injured, Johnson was a sprained ankle. Freud has been in the past few weeks, and Balli is also a knee injury. He has been absent from the injury last week.

Lake responded: “We generally don’t just say, but everyone understands. Of course, I have considered this thing. When I see this unfortunate, I will think to be careful; this is what we are cautious now. Causes & rsquo; “

Wi-Beijing four people will be missing this week

At this Friday, Minnesota announced that there will be four first-year-old players to lack this week with the Detroit lion game, which is strong Robert Blanton, Left Warfeng Charlie – Johnson (Charlie Johnson) ), Defensive cuts, Sharrif floyd, and outside the Anthony Barr.

Pony four-point guards do not participate in the full team training

Beijing July 26, the safety rehabilitation is first, this is the creed of the little horse, the Frank Reich and the team, involving the four-point guardian Andrew Luck.

The wild horse passed the ball shocks Shuangxiong: moving towards the scheduled goal

Denver’s wild horse von Miller and Demarcus Ware form a combination of NFL’s most ferocious pass. This is the painful lesson of San Francisco 49 people, Colin Kaepernick, who got a painful lesson in the Sunday Night Tournament, and the two of the competition have achieved 5 kills.

The wild horses support the four-point guard group by improving the defensive group – Peyton Manning has harvested outstanding results in the past few weeks. Where are they terrible? They believe that they can improve themselves. “We know that we can also become better,” Safe T. J. Ward (T. J. Ward) said. “But now everything is progressing smoothly.”

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