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When I was interviewed by ESPN reporter last week, he completed his 8th surgery in his eyes. 7 months ago, he began his first surgery, and his team was on October 31st. The team lost to Chicago, on December 1 last year, due to surgery, he missed the team’s game on the battle of Tissa, but then appeared in the game against Jacksonville, but the right eye was protected.

Jay – Cartier said that I haven’t considered the 2018 season.

In the 2017 season, Miami Dolphins allowed Jay Culter, who prepared to retire, returned to the venue, but this old quarter-off is not sure whether his 2018 season will return again.

You will not expect Briser to say that the team has rotated home, but the chaotic salary cap space management and repair this season’s bad defensive group needs is the most important reason for people who have too high expectations for saints in the short term. one. The previous problem is usually solved, but it is impossible to guarantee that they can solve a problem, and the Saint has two seasons in the past three seasons to understand the front of the league in the offense, and it is not enough to make up for the opponent’s defense. The loss caused by the group.

“This is a bit sad,” Sunton said in the local media. “We told our players to keep working on the court. I don’t know where to happen, but when you want to keep up to the ball, when you want to keep the ball, when you have the opportunity to come.” One of the questions is to restructuring The second-line defensive lack of good players, another problem defensive group’s injury problem, Safety Eric Berry This week, due to the absence of ankle injury, Sutton’s defensive on Sunday against Miami Ryan Tannehill will lose a copy of the hand.

The entire season offensive front line is exposed to the microscope, compared to the opening of the Chief Sales of the seventh day, the other reason is that the defensive end cannot be manufactured. Last season, Bob Suttun, Bob Suttun, led the defensive group to make a gorgeous retaining, 36 manufacturing ball translation got the best +18 ball translation score. This year, the chief has only harvested a ball switch.

But we know that the dolphins will eventually let Lan return, even if the team selection of the tax salary of the salary cap is only $ 4.6 million. So even if Caterler wants to return, this decision is also a very bold idea for him.

After the explosion force was shown in the previous season, Christine became the first running guard of Seattle Hawks at the beginning of the 2016 season, but he lost his position when he returned to his health. He finally became a seven game for the Hawks last season, completing 117 shots to get 469 yards 6 times.

Cowboy boss said that the coach Galley doesn’t have to worry about handsome.

In Jason Galrett, I served as the cowboy coach, and cowboy did not enter the playoffs. With this grade, cheap Jerseys he said that his 2018 handsome is unstable and is reasonable.

At recent recent interviews, Cartier said that he was currently only paying attention to the team upcoming game of the Bansas Chief, and then considering his future. He said: “I haven’t considered the future plan, you know, I am now focusing on the game. When I ended, I will pay attention to my own thing.”

The previous year’s elected alliance year’s best coach seems to have some bonus, to a certain extent, catering the decadence in the playoffs for a long time. Jones also said that Hi Galt can once again show the best coach of the year.

“The feeling of giving me this year will not have a difference between the team, I have, and the feelings we have.” Brispn said. “I am very confident. I looked at my teammates around me. I feel that all of our team puzzles are together, I know we will also find and add new members. I am confident in our management, our general manager Mickey – Lusis can do this, I am confident to Sean Pelton, our entire coach. “

Bris is still confident in the right direction.

Many people think that the New Orleans Saints can last until January, but now they will end before the end of 2014, they lost 5 games in the past 7 games, lost their hopes.

Michael was previously in the rest of the break and packaging, and he joined the team in November last year. It is reported that his low-cost contract only includes $ 25,000 security income. Michael conducted a total of 6 games in the packaging worker, completed 31 shots and 114 yards were 1 time, and the average of 3.7 yards per shock.

This season Carteller started 12 games, completed 2374 yards pass, 18 reached, 11 copies, completed 6 wins and 6 losses. His performance overall allows the team to satisfy the team, because no one will expect the team’s first four-point Wei Len-Tanhall, the team.

Now the saints need to defeat Tampawan pirates to avoid 10 games in the first season of ball in 2005. In 2005, the current first quartz Drew Brees and the head of Sean Payton will only come to the Saint, then they opened the team’s history. One phase. This year, many things have fallen, but Bris does not need any reason why he feels confident in the team in the 2015 season and later can continue to play.

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