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In the outside world, Watt is considered to join the Pittsburgh steelman and his brother, or may return home for the green bay package. It has been reported that Cleveland Brown and Buffalobier are interested to him. Tennessee Titan publicly claimed that it has been contacted Watt’s broker. Arizona Red Square Entry Deandre Hopkins, hopes that the former teammates can join themselves on social media.

Thomas took over the ball is outside the NFL may Sean – Johnson (Keyshawn Johnson) nephew, Thomas took to the road of football deeply influenced by his uncle. Johnson was in the 1996 cheap nfl jerseys draft pick, who played for the Jets, Cowboys and other teams in the two-year-old Thomas, his parents took Thomas to see his uncle’s game, people might think you have to start small summary culture, that is, since then little Thomas had already planted the seed on rugby deep in my heart.

Regular season ninth week official team strength list

After the schedule, let’s take a look at how the rankings of each team. The wild honey in the same area of ​​the opponent lightning last week consolidated the position of their Malian West District, and the performance of the Paleckstick season was still excited, and the two teams ranked one or two. The patriot has risen by 7 to the third, and the confrontation of the wild horses in this week can be seen. The packaging workers have fallen 6 in this week, and the Texas and Saints have rebounded. 0 wins 7 losses raids still rank alliance bottom.

US Time Saturday, according to NFL NetWork reporters report, the bear will transaction this in 2017 to Miami dolphins, in exchange for the other party’s conditional seven-round sign. After the contract is completed, this sign can become a six-round sign.

San Francisco 49 people announced that this left truncation continued for 2 years. Stalley will now enter the last year of the contract will now take 49 people to 2021. The details of the contract have not been announced.

Although many teams are intended to Watt, he may have to wait until the new season wage hat is officially confirmed to have further consideration. In that, all teams know how many salary spaces they have this year. Our only knows that the new season salary cap will not be less than $ 180 million.

“This is a very important contract for me,” Stalley said in an interview. “I am very proud of this. It is one of my goals that can be done in the same team. Honestly, when I came to this team, it was for this team for this team.”

First entered the league, Thomas will showcase his superior personal ability, as a wide receiver, rookie Thomas completed 104 catches, breaking by Jimmy – Single Graham (Jimmy Graham) in 2011, a record of the NFL record number of successes season ball (99 times). Moreover, in the second season of the Saints, Thomas completed 196 catches, breaking by Jarvis – NFL record the total number of two seasons before the new ball to keep the ball in Landry (Jarvis Landry) ( 194).

Unlike other players in football after graduating from high school often choose a football schools, Thomas graduated from high school and later to the Fokker Joint Military Academy for a year, after entering the Ohio State University. While ordinary people can not understand why you want to spend valuable time of the year, but for Thomas, he said it was his life’s journey necessary experience.

Saint Thomas early in the season and signed a $ 100 million five-year contract, $ 61 million contract extension, including guaranteed income, which made him the league’s highest paid wide receiver. Thomas will now Saints club until 2024 season. It also made him the first non-quarterback player contracts signed one hundred million yuan, becoming the cheap nfl Jerseys from china‘s highest-paid wide receiver history. For now, the saints of the contract value for money, because Thomas is constantly making history!

Shassan is 25 years old. Last season is the neighborhood of Tre Burton. But in the end, he only took eight games, and he ended the season in the season. He only completed 9 batches throughout the year, and the 74 yard was promoted.

Jason Piel Paul resumes good fortune

Jason Pierre-Paul is now in the field, and his injured hand clearly affects the outside world to his contact. At present, there are still 2 weeks left in the regular season, according to the New York Giants, Pierre, Pierre, may already have a return.

Maybe you did not expect, Thomas favorite player is Allen – Allen Iverson (Allen Iverson), a child no money to buy the magazine about Thomas Iverson data, only to find some books about Iverson to go to the library Look. Thomas lucky number is Iverson’s No. 3 jersey number, and he chose in college jersey number is No. 3.

Prize quiz: Week 15 Monday night game, the New Orleans Saints will welcome the challenge of the Indianapolis Colts at home. – Michael Thomas can continue to be staged magic show? At 9:15 on December 17 morning we will wait and see.

– Michael Thomas: From 3 years 5000000-5 a one hundred million years

The only times this season, a player the ball over 100 times (121 times) the player, his name is Michael – Thomas. Ball a few yards this season, the most players (1,424 yards ahead of second place 200 + yards), his name is Michael – Thomas. The only games of the season were over a hundred ball a few yards (109.5 yards) player, his name is Michael – Thomas.

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