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US Terminal Tuesday, official tax data showed that NFL Alliance Chairman Gudel has reached $ 3.41 million in 2014, a reduction of 10 million US dollars than the previous year, but the huge income is not only the question of the foreign countries, but also by the US President Barak. – 巴 om 所 所.

After leaving the bear, Ford played two years for the jet. He carefully built 2356 times, promoted 9796 yards, and achieved 54 reaches. In addition, Ford also completed 554 shots, acquired 4672 yards and 21 reachaes.

After the reimbursement of Joe Flacco season, Brandon Allen was temporarily topped, and later replaced by two-wheeled Dreu Rock (Drew Lock). In the four games of Locke, the wild horses won three games. Most of the defensive groups lack outside BRDLEY Chubb and the help of Bryce Callahan, but still ranks before the alliance in the comprehensive defensive.

I heard the clarification significance of Krabartri, he was considered Difang’s friend and was started with a lot of sources of Did. Sanders denied the news that Krabtri provided him in Kleabretry, said his news source wearing “jersey, suits, and wearing tie”. “Of course, Sunders is not the first to express 49 people’s dressing room is not calm. people. NFL official visit website reporter Ian Rapoport Sunday said that the team will be “more and more” for Habbao’s dissatisfaction, in part because the coach treats the players like “children”.

In addition, as long as the ball is completed again, Thomas can surpass Antonio-Brown, the number of bispies (265). Thomas was 159 times this season, the success rate (83.6%) was also the second high since 1992, second only to himself (85%).

German-Host and Matt-Ford will retire at the bear teamUS Time Wednesday, Chicago’s official announced that it will sign a day contract with German-Hester and Matt Forte, let the two will be retired in his career. Two players are just eight years in Chicago bear.

Hayster is a two-round show in 2006, and there are three abandoned kicks and reachabited arrays in the rookie season. He also attacked 92 yards in the fortiest super bowl, and got up to the array. After Hester, he left Chicago in 2014, working in Atlantan Femplay for 2 seasons, and played a year in the crow. He retired after the 2016 season.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, the performance of the wild horse Gio’s performance “very satisfied”, he and the general manager John Elway step. At the press conference on Monday, the official confirmation of the wild horse, Fang Ji will stay.

The League Second High Income belongs to the League Chief Legal Consulting Jeff Pash 2014 His income is $ 7.51 million, and the performance of Jeff in the Fengfeng Door incident makes the outside world have to expect him in 2015. statistics.

Thomas only had less than a game in this season, and there has been no two consecutive games in two consecutive games in 2018, and it should be very hopeful. This year, he once brought the ball at least 10 times.

Jeffrey has already signed a contract with a competitive team on Thursday. He said, “Whether it is what the next step is, I am ready. I am looking forward to joining an exemplified need to take hands and can make I have the best opportunity to win the championship team. “

Michael Thomas is expected to break the number of single-season After 15 weeks, the Saint-Enthusiastic THOMAS has completed 133 bolts. As long as he can complete 11 battles in the next two games, you can break the number of games in Marvin Harrison Harvin Harrison (143), as long as 4 times can surpass Julio Jones and Antonio Brown (136) became the second.

The wild horses enter the last week of the regular season with 6-9 records, although the record is overall, but the winning and highlight performance in the season is hope. At the same time, there are countless injuries in the wild horse season. When the key players are absent from time to time, the first four-point guard has changed three times, and the opportunity to hit the 7 wins is already good.

Previously, Pittsburgh steel took over Antonio Brown has just been a contract for a 4-year year salary to reach $ 17 million, which makes him become the highest payroll of the league. Jeffrey will look forward to his next contract price than Brown contracts.

“Individuals, I think this is a bunch of fits,” Habbao told reporters on Monday. “If someone has a good story, they will report their own name. If I have a good story, I will report my name, so I will not believe this anonymous message source.”

In Sanders Sunday, in the NFL competition day, 49 people players and team head coach Jim Harbaugh, “Really Some Questions”, the team’s number one external connections are pushed on Tuesday. It denoted this method: “I don’t know what people have said to Di … But our team is really good!”

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