Rivera Family Funerals & Cremations

Religion and Funerals: In response to NFDA’s 2021 Client Consciousness and Preferences Report, 43.9% would like to have their cremated remains scattered in a sentimental place, as opposed to buried or interred in cemetery, saved in an urn at house, break up amongst relations, saved in a place of worship, different, or no choice.

– Our beautiful onsite chapel which might easily accommodate 120 seated visitors in addition to standing space for another 30 company

– 2 association rooms where you and your loved ones can comfortably meet our funeral administrators

– A refreshments room the place you possibly can collect with your family and pals after the funeral for snacks

– A viewing room for offering private goodbyes with your liked one

– Funeral webcasting is obtainable at our lady funeral directors residence where the funeral service is dwell-streamed and recorded for relations and friends to be a part of the service if they are unable to attend in person

– Audio-visual equipment in the chapel and lounge room to provde the option to play music and movies throughout the service if you would like

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