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Green’s wife is likely to have a child around September 3o, which is likely to be a game of tigers on the Mai Mei Ammy Dolphin. When the reporter asked Gree, Green replied: “It is best not to match the game.”

“He is a person who understands the priority. He knows how to manage time and how to use time,” Fisher said. “We will give him some information this week so that he can keep up with us. But he can handle everything. As I mentioned before, he has the kind of entrance effort you invisible. He will not express Out, but he will ensure that everything is correct. “

Pert said: “We have been discussing this topic, McCahn is our first four-point guard at the beginning of the season, he is going to fight because of injuries, now he is back. I know that someone wants the team to first send Manze. But as a coach, my goal is to win the biggest opportunity for the team. “This week, Maiju is absent from the training of local time due to injuries.

Andrew – Luck to change mobile phone new mobile phone is still a flip

Indianapolis Pony 4-point Wei Andrew Luck has become the highest salary of Cheap nfl jerseys history after signing 6 years of $ 140 million contract.

Alberto also talked to the past, “the only change in the current process is that the final sentence determined by the referee is now decided in the New York headquarters. Play back the discussion process, and the pictures and angles of the referee, It is not changeable. “

Pet Ting believes this 36-year-old man is the most suitable team. As of this week, he completed a total of 11 passes to reach, only copying 4 times, but the team’s achievements did not improve because McCon’s performance was improved. Relevant persons believe that Brown is always possible to replace the four-point guard, they will continue to encounter the same district in the next few weeks.

Microsoft Surface Tablet will continue to serve as NFL Field Playback Tools

Alberto Riveron, a senior executive of the League referee, obviously very happy NFL, can continue to use Microsoft’s Surface as a video playback device of the referee.

At present, Surface Table is also a tool for the trainer and players who have downloaded the game for each gear. In addition to these and competitions, there is a direct relationship with the game, the tablet also is open to the medical staff of the field, and cheap nfl jerseys from china they can view the important instant of each game through the NFL built-in app to collect the health and safety information of the player.

Liberian Tama-Harry has been 32 years old, which does not prevent him is still the best outer rushing hand of this alliance. Talk about his position and use, 188 cm 120 kg, standard defensive end of the body, but we have to fight outside the chief, in 2013, he has 13.3% of his probability and removing the defense, most of them The task allowed Harry to take 12 times and 84 times; 2014 Jahali-targeted probability increased to 18.8%, its murder score drops to 6 kills and 44 pieces; good steel On the blade, the Harry-resistant chance of Harry was again reduced to 13.9%, and the results immediately increased to 7 times. 66 times pressure. The Harry cattle in this season does not seem to be the past, but the outer movement of Harry moves well. Think about it, an old will reduce the burden of knees in order to continue his career, and there is also a moving story.

The final three opponents in this sequential chief is a crow, Brown and the raid, the winning rate is 33.3%, so I am very willing to believe that the chief can at least win 2 wins and win the outer card outside, thus being a guest of the United States. At home, I will launch the battle of the United States and Era’s card. Recalling that two years ago be destroyed by Santarak’s aura, the emirate in the 2015 season is not so good, they may be the number one black horse that is disturbing the situation.

“He looked at our offensive system,” said Jeff Fisher. “Compared to our private trials and afterwards, we gave him more information, he did not have problems with these things without problems. This is something impressive.”

188 cm 98 kg, such a body is not highlighted, but the second round of 2009 was selected in the second round in 2009, Shawn Smith is a heterogeneous body. Can locked a single anti-glade guard in the top of the top defensive group, the SMG, who came back in the season, the 7th week, the 7th week, only 3 games 45 yards; In the past 8 weeks, I only let the other five games 85 yards, Dema Si-Thomas is also difficult to escape, and his staring is almost a barometer of the team.

Subsequent seven consecutive winning, home Shengshui, away from the wild horse, home Sheng Bill, the passenger, the passengers are all tough competitions, but the chieftain can take one by one, in short, the chief is in the early seasons The schedule is not unwrapped. The second half is hard to take one by one. It is like a hitting a bruises after quenching Xuan Tie Baojian, and the iron is like a mud.

In addition, the pass offense is not a place, Alice-Smith is in addition, but 3 times of CDs remain at least. Macilllin is not a big outer hand in the traditional sense, but he has a good single-handed ability, and it is also a hint of chaos, 72 shots 935 yards, 5 reachables are the team’s top offensive weapon. Tel Avis – Kelps has been blown into “next Gronoski” in the previous season, although nothing to simply sit in flatness, but see his data, 60% long biopsy rate ( The 3rd high and 81.6% slot at the close of the league (4), he has only 26 years old, but it has also won 4 years of catching 749 yards. The capture of the Brand Festival and the use of the star players will be steadily upgraded.

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