Posters – 10 Advantages To Using Them For Advertising

A close friend of mine is planning a ceremony next weekend and his bachelor party was first auction Saturday. He wanted nothing too crazy, just a grillout even a nightclub after doing that. He began to ask me for good tips. I thought in my head and something quickly located mind, brand new Boogie Nights 80’s dance club in the Hollywood Casino (Lawrenceburg, Indiana). Now you might be asking me why did that springs to mind? The answer is radio promotions. I am a big fan of rock music this kind of particular station was airing ads to do this club several times per day during the drive home slot (3-7), which typically has the most effective listenership also.

Due to this suggestion, the club made over $1000 on drinks/food in our group. So owners went and booked even a full scale campaign on radio who gladly gave them time & terms.

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