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Hilton was 24 years old, completed 82 battles last year, pushed 1345 yards, and 7 reached. Obviously he is also a member of the top level of the league, but who will put him first? Obviously if Hilton also hopes to get a contract worth 70 million US dollars, he may not stay in the pony.

Senior referee Jean-Stratore retired from NFL

Gene Steratore became the fourth place in the next day, unexpectedly announced the referee from NFL retirement. He intends to be a media NFL competition rule to explain the guests and to the final stage of the contract negotiations with the CBS stadium.

Foster has been a stable member of the steel man’s offensive front line in the past 11 years. He finally signed a contract with the team with the team, and his career has played a 160 game, and 145 games were first, all of which were the same position in the team. Foster grateful to the Steel Man Club in the decommission statement to help yourself and fans.

In the 12 seasons of the cheap nfl jerseys from china referee, Stratorre is known for its fair law enforcement and a conflict with players. In addition, he participated in the law enforcement of two major disputes in recent controversy.

Waist flag rugby has strong confrontation, but the rule defines the overeximed contact of the body, mainly to prevent attack by pulling off the waist of the ball attack team, avoiding the collision between players to generate unnecessary damage. Therefore, participating in this movement, the body of the athlete can be effectively protected, but the fierce confrontation of the competition.

Falcons after being laid off nearly four months, the 28-year-old Freeman is still one running back selected in the free agent market most attention. The end of May, and he was close to the Seattle Seahawks signed, but negotiations broke down at the last moment. Silverstone was reported that Freeman thinks he’s worth more than the Seahawks out of the one-year $ 4 million contract.

Newton came to the patriot last year, replacing Tom Brady. He has played 15 games, and he passed the 2,657 yards, reached 8 times. In addition, Newton also advanced 592 yards, reached 12 times. Although I haven’t entered the playoff, the patriot chose to leave Newton. This year, the patriot and Newton renewed the contract with a total salary of $ 5.1 million, of which 3.5 million was a guarantee amount.

The patriot cuts four-point 卫 卫, Mike Jones will start

US Tuesday, according to the local media reports in Boston, the patriot has cut off the old four-point guards, Cam Newton, and the new Xiu Mac-Jones is expected to be started.

Brokers with free agent running back Devon Tower – Freeman ended partnership

As a free agent running back Devon Tower – Freeman (Devonta Freeman) faces an uncertain future in the NFL, and now he has encountered new problems.

T.Y. Hilton is surprised yesterday two extraordinary price contracts

Dallas Cowboy External Die Den Bryant and Denver Wild Horse Demaryius Thomas have completed the renewal on Wednesday, which makes Indianapolis horses. Ty Hilton is very surprised.

We are not hitting Hilton, in fact, Bryant can get 14 million US dollars to get 14 million US dollars next season, which is $ 45 million, which is very good for external hands, and unless Hilton remains last season. But this is not enough, he is not the player who will affect the team’s victory like Bryant.

There are different offensive competition rules that are different from other projects. In the game, the offensive team is allowed to have four segments in every half of the segmentation attack crossed the midfield or more opportunities. If the midfield is not successful, there is another four offensive opportunities. Therefore, participate in the waistball football, able to cultivate players to think about the ability to solve problems and fully strengthen team’s combat capabilities.

During the game sports technology, the ball is unable to fall, otherwise it will fail to fail. After starting the attack, the four-defense passed forward to pass the right way, try to reduce the matching mistake of the attack team. Therefore, those who participate in the waistball of football in the time and space feel that the exercise and improvement of other ball items are unparalleled.

Waist Flag Football Introduction and Basic Rules

Waistan football is a popular movement from NFL-American Professional Football Great League. Compared with formal football, the waist flag is not allowed to hold people and pursue, and the defensive side will take the ball to attack the player’s belt. Waist, the offense is blocked, is a safe “non-rushing” movement, and it is popular in adolescents in more than 30 countries in the world.

NFL television reporter Mike – Silverstone (Mike Silver) reported that Freeman’s agent Christian – Campbell (Kristin Campbell) has been told that he would terminate their partnership. Campbell and Freeman in 2017 to help the Atlanta Falcons signed a five-year $ 41.25 million contract extension, so he was the league’s highest-paid running back.

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