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The second half competition, the bear team took a round of attack, pushed 63 yards, complete the shoot, chasing the score to 17:24. But this is also the last score of the Bear team. In the third quarter, the lions were patiently organized from this five-size, running, and the lions took over more, so that the bear team did not fight. Finally, in the fourth game, Bell completed the rush to reach. The difference is also expanded to 31:17. The defensive defensive in the lion shows the level of the first defense of the league, forcing the bear team to discard kick, and later Carter’s pass by the lion defensive copy. The lions once shot the final score in 34:17.

The second festival is mutated, and the offensive of the lions, the single section played a wave of 21: 0. First, it is the first to show yourself, telling the world why he is still the whole league, and Wei Zhentian has a steady passage of Stafford in the case of a three-person clip. After the defending of the bear team, Stafford was successfully passed down, and the battle of the game was successful. In the four gear, Joique Bell was strongly completed. At the midfield, Stafford once again found Wei Zhentian again, 24: 14 reversal into the second half.

Denver Broncos offensive this season compared to last season is still not much improvement, but at the end of last week’s game, the Broncos defense field leader A Qibu – Talib and just came to this team’s offensive tackle Russell – Okun has produced a conflict in the locker room, which will undoubtedly give the Broncos to the playoffs had no small risk. Dema wide receiver Reese – Thomas this season, scored again catch one thousand yards, becoming active only able to catch five consecutive seasons over 1000 yards player. Veteran defensive end Demarcus – Vail this season due to injury problems, play and unsatisfactory, 138.5 career sacks of him, perhaps after the end of the season will bid farewell to the Broncos.

“Everyone has heard of this. But this is not a way to play football. Baseball can change the pitcher, but in the football here, it is necessary to use the best team to put each game, I think this is the football.”

“Now, the season is very long, they will press you from the spirit, will also apply to the players.” Brown said in the team annual media dizain, “Maybe we should refer to a step, accept 16 This figure continues to use it. “

But for the general manager of the wild horse, John Alvi said that this trip to Pennsylvania Avenue (White House) will make him recall some & hellip; & hellip; wonderful memories. Alvi hopes that this Monday visit trip will have a better ending than the last time he came here.

Saints coach: more opportunities to Spil

As the X factors of the new Orure Saint Offensit Group, running guards C. J. Spille (C. J. Spiller) This season did not play an important role in the attack. He did not even gain any opportunities in the two quarters of the Carolina Black Panther. Only running the ball once a game, twice.

The two partition of the United States will meet in the last game this week. This game is NFL regular season after 11 years after returning to Mexico (the last time 2005 regular Arizona Red Spits 31-14 defeated the San Francisco 49), the two teams will launch the Aztek Stadium in Mexico City to launch wholesale nfl Jerseys history On Monday Night in the US mainland.

– Inviting the Super Bowl Championship to visit the White House in 1980, the last year of Jimmy Carter. President Carter invited Pittsburgh Steel Strong Team and Pittsburgh Pirates, and the two teams have obtained the champion of their alliances in the 1979-1980 season.

General Manager of Mustang, Irviend, once again visited the White House again in 27 years

The last Super Bowl Champion Denver has visited the President Barack Obama on Monday, except that this year’s free market is from the brock OSWEILER. Osville has said that he has given up on the White House last week (not reunited with the former teammates).

Christmas Day is absolutely indispensable highlight, the Denver Broncos will come to court challenge rivals Emirates arrow in the same district. This season last week night game probably will continue to change the direction of the American League playoffs, two defensive attack is greater than the team we will continue to offer an exciting race.

Kansas City Chiefs this season, continued to maintain their tough defense, but offensively they have a new discovery. Rookie Tyreke outside to take over – Hill won the last battle on two teams in rushing touchdowns, touchdowns of 86 yards and one kickoff return touchdowns, the most since 1965, first through this three different ways touchdowns players. The main outside linebacker Justin – Houston after return from injury, remains a highly effective play, in the last battle, he won three sacks, four tackles negative yardage, once manufacturing fumble and one destroyed pass, comprehensive strength, it is the backbone of the chiefs of defense group.

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