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Coleman will compete with Fremman’s first-run runIn the draft, Thai Coleman was selected by Atlantian Femplay in the third round, and then he said he would become the first running guard in the new season. In the last interview, Falcon New Shuai Dan-Quinn said that the team will give an opportunity to compete fairly.

When I talked about the transaction of the year, Marshal said: “I am very surprised at the time, but Jeff told me that my home is a bear team, I am very happy. I think this transaction is for me and my family. Best. After all, life is my dream in Chicago. “

Jordan Howard has received eye surgery in MayJuly 2, May 2, when the Chicago Bear runs Jordan – Howard (Jordan Howard) once talked about weight loss ideas, he hoped that this will make himself a more efficient NFL player in his career.

The position of injury bleeding is very important for Smith. Nearly two years ago, he had serious fractures in his right leg, and then there was a complications in the operation, and the life was threatened, and 17 operations had to be treated. Fortunately, this injury is on the left leg, so Smith can return to the stadium when you take simple treatment when you take a break in half.

Marshal is still complaining about the front teammatesThis week, the Chicago Bear Team will take over the Arctic dolphin, the star of the bear, and the Brandon Marshall will be gathered with the former east. Talking about the time in Miami, there is still a lot of complaints and dissatisfaction in Marshall, when I accept an interview, I talked about him and the front teammate —– time Dolphin starting quarter The experience of CHAD HENNE.

Marshall did not cover his disappointment for Henney. In the two seasons of his cooperation with Henry, the dolphins only achieved 7 wins and 9 losses and 6 wins and 10 losses. In the 2012 holiday, Dolphin General Manager Jeff – Ireland is quite cheap jerseys from china to give Marshall deal to the bear team.

Smith’s 46 passes in this game successfully achieved 296 yards 1 time, most of whom came from the second half. Washington team won 13 points in the last section, eventually overcoming steel people at 23-17.

Bryant said: “I think they are a bit dirty, some despicable actions but that is another story, for me, should be concerned about the game, I’ll learn from defeat to overcome these problems, I am. feel good now. “Cowboys and Eagles will be two games in 16 days, the next battle will determine the ownership situation of the division title and a playoff spot a large extent. Bryant said he was looking forward to the two sides of the second round fight.

Marshall said: “Our team is a four-point guard, the team’s defense is quite strong, but the offensive is disappointing. Honestly, there are a lot of talented young people in the event, if there is a good The quarter-shifting is kneaded together, and it is absolutely able to achieve a big thing. Unfortunately, we didn’t touch the person. “

DEVONTA Freeman will become his competitors, although there is no shortage of explosive power, but Fremman’s stability has been questioned, he can undertake the workload required for the first hair It has always been the focus of the team observation. After the old Stephen Jackson, the two will compete from the same running line, and everyone has the opportunity to become a new season.

The Falcon offensive coordinator Kyle Salunhanhan has promoted the rookie to the outstanding running guard, including the 2008 Steve Sleton, Temple, Houston, 2008. ), 2012 season in Washington Red Leede, Alfred Morris, and last season in Cleveland Branda – Clovo (Isaiah Crowell) and Tailus – West (Terrance) West). If Coleman can become award, he will be a strong competitor in the new season.

Smith’s excellent performance makes Washington team to keep up with New York giants and continue to compete with the National Lantern Festival. If he and teammates can continue the performance of this game, then they have hope.

Galert currently achieved 6 kills, the first, and the whole league is second. But at the same time, he also had a lot of fouls. He has been penalized 5 fouls this season, causing Brown to be fined 50 yards (all rankings of the second), two of which have a crude violent embrace penalty and 1 non-necessary crude criterion.

Bryant: Hawks played a little dirtyIn this week, the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in a 10-33 game, Hernandez – Bryant (Dez Bryant) completed four times the ball, won a total of 73 yards. The game, Bryant caught several times with the rival defender of the struggle, and even quarrel broke out. Hawks whole game has been the implementation of “special care” for Bryant, as far as he himself said, the opponent has been chatter, it is always with his elbow attack buttocks. After the game, in an ESPN interview, Bryant said he thought the Eagles played clean enough.

“I have to check it quickly, make sure this is my left leg instead of the right leg, I am more worried about the right leg,” said the Smith. “It is a new injury to me. This time is much more. Fortunately, I will be hurt before the end of the half, so we can bind the bandage and then accept treatment in half. So, this It is not serious, but it is only bleeding where it is in a unsatisfactory place. “

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