More Useful Basic Knowledge For SWTOR Member

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Action Points/HealthAs you spend time in combat, you will notice that some items on your interface are changing.

There are three bars that should be of immediate interest: (a)Health Bar: this is the red bar just above your action bar. It shows how much health you have total, and how much health you have remaining. When it's depleted, you are dead! (b)Action/Force Points: This is the blue bar in between your action bar and health bar.

Some attacks will cause this bar to fill up, while other attacks (usually high damage or special ones) will “spend” points from this pool. (c)Experience Bar: As you complete quests and kill monsters you will gain Experience Points (XP). This is tracked as a yellow bar at the very bottom of your interface, and once the bar fills up completely, your character will gain a level!

(d)Death: Upon death, your character will respawn at the nearest med center, to allow you to continue play.

LootingMany NPCs that you kill will “drop” items that can be looted by your character. Once you kill a lootable creature, mousing over it will change your tooltip to the shape of a hand, and left clicking will bring up an interface showing what items your character can pick up.Left clicking items in the interface will put them into your character's inventory.

Equipping ItemsMany of the items your character loots, or receives as quest rewards will be either armor or weapon upgrades. To equip them to your character, hit “C” to bring up your character window, and “I” (or “B”) to open your inventory.Remove the item you currently have equipped to your character, and replace it with the items in your bags you wish to put in that slot. Note: at this time, clicking on an item in your bags will not replace an item in your inventory – this feature has not yet been implemented.

GroupingIt is a very important part for you when you playing in a game.Here are the basic commands for managing your groups:

/group invite player_name – invites player to group. You can also use this command to invite your target.

/group accept – accepts a group invitation from another player.

/group decline – rejects an invitation from another player.

/group remove – removes the targeted party member from group.

/group disband – disbands the current group (you must be group leader to use this).

Bug ReportingNew players always encounter all kinds of problems when they playing in a game.

If you encounter an issue with the functionality of the game itself, please use the bug reporting tool to bring it to our attention. You can access the bug reporting interface by typing “/bug” or by using the spider shaped icon to the left of your mini-map.

Please be as detailed as possible when submitting bug reports; the more information you provide, the more efficiently we can investigate the issue you are reporting. Suggestion and general feedback are welcome. Please make sure you categorize them correctly as “Feedback” to help us ensure they are properly evaluated.

Logging OutAny time if you want to exit the game, you can log out by hitting the “ESC” key to bring up the Game Options menu.

From there you can either select the “LOGOUT” option to return to the character selection screen, or you can choose “QUIT GAME”, to exit entirely. In the event that your client becomes unresponsive, it may become necessary to force quit the client, which you can do by pressing the Delete key while holding the Control and Alt keys on your keyboard.

This will bring up the task manager where you can forcibly terminate the program by right clicking on the application and selecting “End Task”.

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