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Saints take over Thomas is willing to wait patiently

Beijing May 25th, New Orleans, Saint, Michael Thomas, will receive a big contract. Maybe soon he can wish. This contract will of course be very rich.

But Thomas, one of the most valuable players of the league, did not move over the end of the break.

“I am first a player & mdash; & mdash; I like to train,” Thomas said to ESPN. “So this decision is not difficult.”

Thomas is about to enter the last year of the rookie contract, his salary is only 1.15 million US dollars. In the case of Saints and privileged players label this option, cheap jerseys from china Thomas can be used as their own chips through absence training, but he still chooses to believe in the saints.

“I feel very sure everything will be handled well,” he said. “This is the way I treat the game, I also have participated in training in the same way, everything will go to the stream.”

As long as Thomas can stay enough to stay healthy, there is no doubt that he will finally get a big contract. The optimal lineup of the outer hand of the best lineup was completed 321 games in the career, which is the highest data in the 3 seasons in the career. External hand Little Audel-Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) was 288 bolts in his career, wholesale nfl jerseys for sale and he got a 5 year of $ 90 million contract. You can think that Thomas’s new contract reaches this price.

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