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At the eagle, Endlin is given a high degree of evaluation, and he has the opportunity to hold a defensive group, but Patrimia may be personally responsible for tactical command in key seasons. Previously, if the eagle defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz became the new coach of Cleveland Brown, then Endlin was considered to be a successor. Since Schwarz stayed in the eagle, the Endlin is united to receive his career’s first defensive coordinator.

Bill coach is full of hunting of the lion teamThis is a whirlwind for Belody and their Bill team. Due to the attack of the snow, Buffalo has taken a state-level emergency plan. In contrast, the Bill team moved to the Detroit by Detroit, which is much better.

Previously, for the deal to get Watekins, the ram sent Bill to the 2018 Two-Rotating and Corner EJ Galens (Watkins) was only 39 games in the 15 games in the ram. , Obtain 593 yards and 8 reacons, a little sorry for his annual salary of 16 million US dollars.

The Seattle Hawk’s running Weaving Marshawn Lynch has become a source of new songs that sing singer Ludakris. This song was named “Beast Mode”, using a new music rhythm, Lynch shares the MV notice of the song in advance in his social software, and he has a mirror inside.

On Friday afternoon, the team arrived in Detroge and launched this week in the evening. When he was interviewed by reporters, the head coach Doug-Malone’s proper reception of Detroit was full: “The lion team is very Great, I can’t use words to describe, this is never seen in the alliance. “Kyle Orton added:” They arrange the trip to us as much as possible. “

The ram will not take the exterior of Watertenz using privileged labelsAccording to NFL Media reporter Mike Garafolo, the raft will use the privilege label to defensive defender, Lamarcus Joyner, will take the outside of Sami-Watekins ( Sammy watkins put into the market.

There is no sufficient salary space while leaving two people. Watekins’ label is expected to reach 16.2 million US dollars, Joea’s value is around $ 11.1 million. Joyner plays an important role in the ram. He finally played 12 games last season, completed 49 hugs, 9 times destroyed pass and 3 copies.

No one in the other players in Saints completed more than 28 battles, the team lacking stable passing targets outside Thomas and running Alvin Kamara, the issue of stabilizing the goal is dragged in the season.

Draft Rating: A-

The 26th overall selection to the needs of the largest team, no doubt crow is a small fortune. Torre offseason – Smith leave, Crow is in need of such a big wide receiver, Perryman has an excellent body and super fast straight line speed, we should be able to quickly find and Flacco chemical reactions.

Scout report:

Pros: superior vertical speed, tall and strong, reliable ball, slender arms, with fake able Akira defender, able to advance after the ball, track and catch the ball at a high point.

Disadvantages: lack of technology, not enough supple movement, running routes and read defenses are needed to progress, too dependent on talent, it may not meet the NFL game.

Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China template: Josh – Gordon, Kodak Trail – Patterson

Entelin will now take over the performance of the lion defensive group in the performance of this season. If he can’t reverse the defensive group in the new season, then Patrimia may be unemployed, and he may also lose your work.

Dictionary rating: B +

“Spring” and was finally selected! Cowboys need an outstanding talent big cornerback help them to block each other’s number one wide receiver, especially as Odell – David Beckham, DeShawn Jackson – so, today’s cowboy already has zoning and rivals to challenge capital.

Scout report:

Advantages: lanky type, superior jumping ability, muscle model is perfect, fear took over the outside of acceleration and change of direction, foreign take over the route has an excellent understanding, often used with pressure marker for the professional arena, good vision and coordination help complete steals, the use of long arms to complete grapple, a senior captain.

Cons: shoulder surgery last October, has been weakened after the aggressive injured, lateral movement sometimes stuck, easily his back to the quarterback.

NFL template: Prince – Manuel Camara, Buli Di – Ray – Wilson

The 48-year-old Endlin just stayed in the patriot, then he joined Cleveland Brown, then went to Jacksonville American Tiger, followed by Denver Mangma, and finally, he came to the eagle and served as a second-line defensive coach in five seasons.

The Saints need to play an idea of ​​creativity in contract buildings in the usually, and Thomas’s big contract will not cause too much burden on the team’s salary space in the future. Before Tomas continued, they had approximately $ 12 million salary space. Due to the four-point Delu Bris (Drew Brees), the Saint will have more than $ 26 million in redundant space next year. In addition to the next year, Briser has to become a free player. In the next three years, there are still many important players who need to renew.

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