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Football thirty-six golden shell”Thirty-six” is said before, four defense uses his own body to walk between the gaps of the defensive group, so the defensive group uses “closing the thief” to compress the opponent’s running space. However, the road is one foot, the magic is one foot, and I can’t run out, then use the “golden shell”. The golden shell-shell metaphor used to escape to make the other party can’t find it in time. In American football, it is an initial fraud attack skill & mdash; & mdash; Play Action.

Gronoski missed the two teams in 2013 and injured in the victory of the 1920s. He also missed the playoffs last season, which means that last time Gronoski really healthily participates in the playoffs is the 2010 season’s new show season. Now he will face the second-line defense of a large number of problems on Saturday.

Allen won the NCAA 110-meter championship at 13 seconds last month. He made a huge contribution to the Oregon University team in the 2014 season, with a total of 41 battles to get 684 yards and the team’s up to 7 times. In the rose bowl of the University of Florida, he was torn with the right knee cross ligament when he was off. In 2015, due to the lacquey season in 2015, he made a bad time in the rugby season last year, just 9 times.

Outside Oregon University Ellen is selected for the US Olympic teamOn the 110-meter-Levy Lantern Festival on Saturday, I got the first after the 110-meter column of the Australian Olympics, Devon Allen will participate in the Rio Olympics.

Jason Witten is missing the third weekThis Dallas cowboy is really uncomfortable. According to ESPN reporters, cowbur’s star close-end Feng Jason Witten, the third week of the third week of the Arranga Falcon.

When Kittel and Kelps prove that the near-end bench can play a key role in the field, if Warler continues the exceptional performance last season, he will also get the same attention, and as Gruneman said, becoming a superstar player. .

Who is going to defend Gronoski for crow? Safe Wei HillSince the new England Patriots and Baltimo crow lasts too many things have changed since the playoffs, so that there is almost no need to compare two teams. Only 36% of players remain in lineup, the advantages and weaknesses of the two teams have changed huge changes.

The first step of the golden shell should be from the previous series of attacks. If you want to design a fake ground attack to snoof your opponent, you must arrange a few similar mushroom attacks to induce your opponents into your thinking. In addition, the previous few times must be achieved, otherwise the defensive group does not need additional assistance, as long as the respect of each company is “closing the thief”, the quarter is not running.

“We think he is a super star,” said Grunette as a reporter on Friday. “We feel that he is a great close-end. I know that there are two near-ends (on Thursday) have been a lot of money. We are very happy to have our own outstanding close-up. He has a comprehensive ability. He can Opened cover. He can run any route. He has a good endurance. “

When the offensive group completed several slightly effective offensive, the defensive party changed the array to the deployment, the entourage finally could change. At this point, the offensive group began to fight. Due to rules, the cover movement made when the offensive front line and the passing of the ball are different. When the squash offens offensive, the front line can be unscrupulous, and the attack front line cannot exceed the kick. How to perform unlimited offensive desires in a limited space table? How to fight against the madness of the opponent crazy on the line against the opposite line? This is dressed in the daily training. In addition, the performance of running guards and quadrants is the climax of the entire tactics. The front offensive front line blocks the defensive group, but there is no defense in front of the side, but the four-point guard will use the body to block the sight of the side. The action, both hands intersect in the abdomen, can’t see if the ball is. Some actuatics four-point guard will also go to the sky, and make a concern of the expression, and the ball has been hidden in the dead angle of the defensive player’s sight and detours to the dangerous area.

Trajector coach: near-end Darren – Warler can become a superstar playerIn this week, San Francisco 49 Georg-Kittle and Kansas City Chief Travis Kelce Double-double will have the contract, become the two closest edge of the union. .

Warler’s data last season is excellent, he completed 90 battles to get 1145 yards 3 times to reach the best level of career. These data are also at the same level compared to Kitte and Kelps. However, the other two will be selected for professional bowls, but Warle is not.

One of the times, he gave the auditor’s seat in order to celebrate the gap, and the audience shared this happy moment, but unfortunately happened that there were some people in excitement. Friendly, a person dressed as a clown to catch Glaham’s ass has been touching.

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