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NFL boss vote vote through the seasonal expansion plan

After the nine weeks of the regular season, NFL has made further adjustments to the influence of new crown epidemic.

Tuesday, wholesale jerseys free shipping according to NFL NetWork reporters, the team boss vote vote adopted an emergency plan: if the epidemic could not be held, the playoffs will increase cheap jerseys from china 14 in the playoffs. If the plan is implemented, the seed rank will not change.

Prior to this emergency plan, the Alliance will also try to use the possible 18th week to reschedule the competition and have completed the original 256 game plan. In order to meet everything, cheap nfl jerseys china has extended the playoffs from 12 to 14, and an external card is added to the United States of China.

At present, the playoff will remain in 14 teams, a elimination system. The number one seed of the National Union and the United States will get a hollow in the outer trip.

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